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A fisherman and his wife had a set of twin boys.  Proud as they could be they couldn’t come up with names.  They watched the babies and finally noticed that one always faced the ocean while the other always turned his back to it.  And the husband, who had spent his entire life fishing the waters of the ocean finally suggested names. We’ll call this one, who always face the ocean “Towards” and the other will be named “Away”!  His wife was thrilled that they had finally come up with good names for the babies, even if she was a little doubtful about them. But in those days, different names were pretty common.  
The boys grew and learned and finally one day the father leaned to his wife and said, “I think the boys are old enough to go with me on the next fishing trip.  It’ll only be for a few days and I think we’ll have fun fishing and learning.  So off they went. 
The wife watched every day for the ship to return. Finally after a week she saw the little ship come over the horizon and come sailing into the harbor. She ran to meet it because she missed her sons terribly.  But as the husband tied up the boys weren’t there.  
“What happened?” she cried.
“Oh, you would be so proud!” he said, “Towards hooked into his first fish only two days out. It was a real big fish. He fought with him for hours, pulling and grinding the reel and then letting the fish run and then pulling again. He was a real fighter. But finally after nearly six hours of working that bloody fish it pulled him over and I never saw him again.  But you should have seen the one that got Away!”
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