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Yes, we call Buenos Aires the city that never sleeps but with consideration to the matter, how are the Argentine’s hours of the day spent compared to the United States? 


Let’s analyze the US first comparing the North American version of the city that never sleeps, New York, specifically regarding the matter of dining.  With one glance of a New York City block, the viewer absorbs fast food restaurants juxtaposed to each other with the likely chance of a Starbucks in between.  People run in and out of the franchises within 10 minutes, stuffing their ‘to-go’ burgers into their mouths as they scamper past each other with eyes preying for the next available taxi.  The hours of a New Yorker’s day is crammed with the rush to the next meeting, the next work shift, the next dinner meeting.  Even when the time is sacrificed to enjoy a leisurely dinner, the waiters assume a hurried schedule and deliver the seating, the food, the check within an hour – two max.  Dinner reservations are replaced if a party is running 15 minutes late.  The hours of the day are packed and hurried. 


With retrospect to Buenos Aires, the concept of a meal is completely different.  There is an expectation that each meal will take at least an hour, even the light desayunos which consist of a postre and a café con leche.  Time slows down, contrasting from the bustle of the streets so that the food can be served at a leisurely and according time.  When consuming the food, there is no need to gulp and swallow each bite, rather, savor the milanesa and spare the 30 extra minutes to order tea after the entrée. 


This blog is only in reference to one aspect of the Argentine lifestyle that differentiates the quality of life of the people in the two cities.  So perhaps a recommendation should be given and taken by the city dwellers of America – even if rushed, find quality in the hours of the day. 

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