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Contiki's Chateau de Cruix

Breakfast this morning wasn't very good... eggs and bacon which were completely undercooked.  But cereal and toast with nutella was still great.  We hopped onto the bus and headed for the Chateau... Contiki's special stopover.  It's an old french castle that's been turned into a bunch of dorm rooms.  We had one rest stop that had some great baguettes.  I also had some fries and a double chocolate magnum bar.  The drive there was really easy.  We did introductions with our name, where we're from, what our job is, what we're looking forward to most, and our most embarassing moment.  No one really had anything juicy to tell, but it at least gave us a chance to learn about tourmates that we hadn't met yet.  That's a strange thing about this tour.

An assortment of Beaujolais wine (the far left is the Eau De Vie-- which supposedly preserves a real snake inside the bottle)
.. you're with the same 50 people day in and day out, but you usually split off into your own groups after day 1 or 2, and don't talk much to the others. 

Once we got to the Chateau, we got to have a wine tasting experience.  They taught us to swirl, smell, sip, swish and swallow.  I don't really know if that was the order, but it sounds right.  They had a few different types of wine, all made in the Beaujolais Wine Region where we were staying (closest big city is Lyon).  One was called "Eau de vie" (Water of Life).  It had a snake in the bottle, supposedly a real one, but who knows.  I wasn't about to try it.  I bought a bottle for my parents and then we all headed back to get ready for dinner.  We had another decent dinner.

Wine tasting. Steph, Jamie and Me.
.. chicken with veggies and a salad.  After, we went to change for the CAVE.  The entire basement of the chateau had been turned into a dance club/bar.  Steph, Jamie and I split a bottle of white wine which cost 8 euro.  We danced a little, got another bottle, danced a little more, and learned Di's bus driver road rage dance (if you were on this trip, you'll remember it fondly.  If you weren't, you really won't care).  After that, the night gets a little fuzzy. 

I talked to a guy from another tour who bought me a "glass" of wine (it was actually a little plastic cup), and then I got him a beer and bought myself another glass of wine.  At this point, I started talking to Aussie Mike, and I'm not entirely sure what happened after that.  All I know is that Rowan, Jamie and Steph gave me the responsibility of holding the room key, and I accidentally held it hostage when I went to Mike's room with him.  Steph, Jamie and Rowan wanted to get to sleep, but they didn't know where I was.  I would come to find out later that they looked for me and waited for about an hour outside the bathroom because they weren't sure where I was, and when they figured out where Mike's room was, they found his roommates all waiting outside not wanting to interrupt anything.  I don't think any of them believed us, but I still swear nothing happened.  In any event, thanks to Terry, Aaron and Jaben for their patience.  The happenings of that night were a topic on the bus several times throughout the tour.

I got lost on my way back to my room, and somehow ended up on the third floor, even though both mine and Mike's rooms were on the second floor, but I managed to get back eventually... and got some curious looks from my roommates (sorry girls).  It was time to pass out after all the excitement. 

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Contikis Chateau de Cruix
Contiki's Chateau de Cruix
An assortment of Beaujolais wine (…
An assortment of Beaujolais wine …
Wine tasting.  Steph, Jamie and Me.
Wine tasting. Steph, Jamie and Me.
photo by: spocklogic