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Today was our free day to roam around Florence.  I bought a scarf for Lindsay and a red shirt for myself to wear to the dance club tonight.  I also ate a LOT of gelato.  Amaretto and Tiramisu flavors are good, but pistachio still takes the cake.  We were supposed to go on a guided tour of the city, but the tour guide was way too quiet, and so I ended up skipping the tour in favor of running around with Melanie, Terry and Jordana.  I saw the Duomo and found the Scudieri Candy/Pastry shop.  I work with a couple who went to Italy the previous summer, and their last name is Scudiere... turns out, the man is related to (cousins or something) the family who owns this little shop right in the central plaza near the Duomo. 

After shopping, we went to the optional tuscan dinner.

Me, Mike, Rowan, Dom and Mike at Space Disco.
  The food there was pretty good, though I was disappointed that we didn't get all-you-can-drink wine like we did in paris.  We had several appetizers, including bruscetta with tomatoes and garlic, as well as goose liver pate.  Sounds and looks pretty disgusting, but tastes really really good.  Main courses were several pasta dishes, though the only one that stood out to me was the ravioli.  I did develop quite a taste for pesto however.

After dinner was our night at the space electronic disco.  The club had a reputation for being terribly cheesy, and it was.  It was another place where all sorts of contiki groups gather, and the drinks were very overpriced.  We all managed to have a great time drinking and dancing though.  At the end of the night, we had to take taxis back to the campsite.  I ended up getting a ride with Mike, Brendon, Paul and Sandro.  We asked the guy to drop us off a little before the campsite so we woudln't have to pay him for the full fare, but he charged us the full fare anyway.  Supposedly we'd agreed to that at the beginning of the trip (which I don't recall, but I was a little buzzed).  In any event, we made it home safely and went to bed before our trip to Rome the next morning.

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Me, Mike, Rowan, Dom and Mike at S…
Me, Mike, Rowan, Dom and Mike at …
Jordana and I in front of the Duom…
Jordana and I in front of the Duo…
The fake statue of David.
The fake statue of David.
The boys in our group, looking das…
The boys in our group, looking da…
Dancing the night away.
Dancing the night away.
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