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Me in St. Marco's Square.

We had to wake up at 6:45 for breakfast this morning.  We headed to Venice after breakfast, and I absolutely fell in love with the city.  It was so amazing.  So many tiny streets and hidden alleys-- easy to get lost in, but fun to try to find your way back out.  I saw quite a few nice pieces of glass jewelry, but nothing I loved, so no purchases again.  I had a sandwich type roll-up and throughout the day had three scoops of gellato.  Pistachio is my favorite, but the chocolate and mint were good too.  We had some ice cream at dinner and I definitely prefer gelato-- Yum!

We went on a gondola ride, which was nice and relaxing.  I sat with Jamie, Steph, Rowan, Jesse and Briar, and we all shared a bottle of champagne that Dom bought for us.

A city built on water.
  The gondolier wouldn't sing for us though :(  It was pretty neat to see the entire city from a boat... it's so normal to those from venice, and it's incredible to think that there really aren't any cars there at all.  I can't imagine any US city without cars to get people around.

Dinner was fine-- salad, break, chicken, ribs, fries and, as I mentioned, ice cream.  I took a short nap, then went back to the fusina bar for yet another wild night (though not nearly as wild as the night before, as someone had drunk too much too early and was passed out by 9 p.m.)  I had another couple of attitude adjusters, but I don't recall getting drunk.  I've been told that I was f-ed up, but I don't remember anything beyond a buzz.  I do remember dancing on the table in the bar and screaming along to the day song when they played it.

Rowan, Jesse, Jamie, Steph, Me and our Gondolier.

*Side note* The day song is the song that your tour manager and bus driver pick out at the beginning of the tour and play it every time you get on the coach to get you pumped up for the day.  Ours was "Oh My God" by the Kaiser Chiefs.  At first, i didn't think I'd like it much, but by the end of the trip, we all knew every word and shouted it at the top of our lungs whenever we heard it.  I downloaded it as soon as I got home, and it really makes me smile whenever I play it, even a year later. *End side note.*

I think the screaming is partly to blame for my sore throat.  I don't feel bad other than my throat, so it's not the dreaded contiki cough.  I think the main problem is all the time we spend on the bus with the a/c cranking at full blast... makes your throat dry.  After the bar, I took a shower and got to sleep. 

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Me in St. Marcos Square.
Me in St. Marco's Square.
A city built on water.
A city built on water.
Rowan, Jesse, Jamie, Steph, Me and…
Rowan, Jesse, Jamie, Steph, Me an…
Me, Jamie, Steph and Rowan on the …
Me, Jamie, Steph and Rowan on the…
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