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So my final opinion of this trip.  It was a great trip, and definitely a good way to see a lot of europe with people my own age.  Would I do another contiki tour?  (Note, my opinion now differs slightly from when I wrote this entry last year, but we'll get to that). 

Answer as of June 2006: Probably not.  I'd rather set my own schedule and do my own thing and stay out as late as I want and sleep in as late as I want.  I'm comfortable enough with Europe that I think with a few friends, I coudl make my way around without much trouble. 

The accommodations were fine.  For as little time as we were there, I don't see a need for a fancy hotel at each stop.  Sure, some people got bugbites, and walking to and from bathrooms sucked, but it certainly didn't take anything away from my trip.  Besides, without separate bathroom facilities, I would have never learned the joys of Italian showers.

For the most part, food on the trip was decent.  No 4-star meals except the Greek dinner, but it was all decent.  Breakfasts and dinners were filling, and lunches gave us a chance to enjoy local cuisine.  The breakfasts did get repetative near the end, but nothing was ever inedible.

As for my tourmates, I can't honestly say one bad thing about any of them.  Sure, you realize that there is a big difference between being 22 and 18, but you learn to appreciate everyone for who they are.  I also didn't get to know several of my tourmates much more than saying hi every once in a while, but that's ok too. I had my group of friends, and I still talk to many of them on facebook and myspace.  That's one of the great things about contiki-- i have people I know all over the globe, and if I ever decide to visit austalia, I'm sure I can find a couch or two to crash on.

Answer as of July 2007: I will probably end up going on another Contiki tour next summer.  I wouldn't do another multiple-country bus tour, but I think the Greek Island Hopping tour may be a good idea.  I really enjoyed being around people my age and exploring new places... it's just all the bus time and early mornings that sucked.  From what I've found out through others who have gone on the Greek Island Hopping tour, though, that tour is much more laid back and you pretty much do your own thing the whole time.  It's just nice because all the transportation between islands is already taken care of for you.  If I can get a friend to go with me next year, I'm planning on Greek Island Hopping, then exploring Italy on our own (or maybe Italy then Greece-- we'll see).  If not, hopefully I can meet some people on this site who will be going where I'm going at the same time next year... just so I can have someone to tour around with.  I'm just not sure I'd be comfortable exploring all by myself.  We'll see what happens when the time comes I suppose.

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photo by: ErikaMont