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Pompeii Ruins

This morning sucked.  We had to wake up early and say goodbye to all of our tourmates who weren't going on to Greece.  I didn't think I was all that attached to any of them... i mean, we'd had our good times together, but I certainly didn't expect to shed any tears.  I didn't get too bad, but saying goodbye to Di, Amelia and Matt was definitely tougher than I'd prepared for.  But, even a year later, we still all keep in contact via facebook (aren't technology and social networks great?!)

We drove to Pompeii after saying goodbye.  This tour was definitely worth the money we paid.  We learned about all the horny Italians (it seems like no matter what kind of building ruins we were looking at, there was some kind of whore house in the back room.

A person praying.
  Craziness.)  Seeing the remains of the people that got trapped was really sad.  Especially the pregnant lady who was trying to protect her baby.  I can't imagine how scary that whole ordeal must have been.

After the tour, it was "recommended" that we eat at this little place right outside the main gates.  The food sucked.  10 euros for a cold and not so tasty pizza and a water.  It was once again a contiki kick-back place... I'm getting really tired of those.  And of course, while we ate our shitty food, Baz and Dom were enjoying a nice white tablecloth meal outside, courtesy of the owners, for bringing in such a large crowd.  After not being terribly impressed with a lot of the meals contiki recommends, I decided that I would skip the first greek dinner as well.

A pregnant lady trying to protect the baby.
  Dom wasn't thrilled because a lot of us made that same decision, but that's just too bad.  We canceled before the deadline, so he couldn't tell us no. 

After Pompeii, Baz drove us to the Ferry port.  This would be the last time we would see him, as we didn't take the coach all the way to Greece.  He was a great driver, and while a lot of the Aussie guys didn't care for him, I think the girls all loved him.  He was a total flirt, and a very sweet guy.  I hope people tipped him accordingly. 

*Side Note*  You're encouraged/expected to tip your TM and driver at the end of the tour.  The recommended amount is 2 euro a day per person, but each person puts their tip in a white envelope, so they don't know how much came from whom or anything.

A person, trying to cover himself from the volcano erupting.
  I kinda resented having to tip after all the kick-back places they took us to, but again, they were great a great pair of guys, and they can't help that Contiki makes them take us to all of these places. *End side note*

The Ferry ride over to greece wasn't anything special.  We got on board, had a decent dinner of chicken, rice with spaghetti sauce (odd combo if you ask me), corn and I think some kind of dessert, but I don't remember exactly.  I was rooming with Cassie and Sarah on the ferry, and we decided to go to the lounge for a little while before crashing.  We had a couple drinks with Aaron, Mike and Mike, and then it was time for sleep.  The cabins weren't fancy, but they were comfortable and had a private shower, so that was nice.  Cassie snored a bit, but it was one of the best nights of sleep I'd had the whole trip.  Almost 7 hours!!  When I woke up, I'd be in Greece.


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Pompeii Ruins
Pompeii Ruins
A person praying.
A person praying.
A pregnant lady trying to protect …
A pregnant lady trying to protect…
A person, trying to cover himself …
A person, trying to cover himself…
photo by: Grpablo