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Sagrada Familia (notice the fruit on top)

I woke up early to help with breakfast this morning.  It was me, Melanie, Jamie and Amber (though Amber somehow managed to never do any work-- just one of those things I guess).  We just had to help serve pancakes and cut up some fruit... not difficult. 

Barcelona was actually very pretty.  The architecture was neat to look at.  The Sagrada Familia was very interesting... it's still under construction.  It was designed by Gaudi, and they he died before it was completed.  There's fruit at the top, which I just wasn't expecting, but hey, it was certainly unique.   We had to start with the group at a leather shop that Contiki takes you to.  They have all these "Great deal" shops, which your TMs get a kick-back of any purchases you make.

Me, Jamie, Steph, Jocelyn, Tracy and Tomeka drinking sangria at the flamenco dancing optional.
  It's kind of crappy that you have to go to these places, but i guess TMs don't make much money otherwise, so it helps them out.  I will say, though, that the leather coats they had were beautiful, and they would custom make them to fit you.  For 199 euros, though, I didn't need one. 

I shopped around with Di, Sydney Sarah, Rowan, and Tomeka.  Sarah and I were both more interested in seeing the sights, but the rest of the girls wanted to shop, so we decided to see what Barcelona had to offer.  I ended up buying two tank tops at the mall in the city, mainly because I needed some clean shirts and had been too lazy to do laundry yet.  We then walked around Las ramblas, and had a bit of a scare.  A man came up behind rowan and put a 5 euro bill in her back pocket, telling her that she dropped it.

Flamenco demonstration.
  She tried to give it back and told him no she didn't, but he insisted.  So she took it and we continued walking.  The man then proceeded to follow us for serveral blocks.  We thought we'd lose him by going into a restaurant, but he followed us in there too.  We told the woman who worked there what was going on (luckily tomeka spoke spanish), and a patron overheard and ccalled the police.  We enjoyed lunch as much as we could while creepy man stared at us.  I had a fantastic procutto and mozzarella sandwich.  The police came and just stood guard while we left.  We didn't see the man the rest of the time we were in barcelona.

At 5:45 we met the coach to go to the Flamenco dancing optional.  The dancing itself was fine, but nothing too exciting.

  When we were able to go on the stage and dance, that's when the fun really started.  Steph, Jamie and I entered a dancing contest with Jesse, Paul and Sandro.  I think it ended up being a tie between Jamie/Jesse and Paul and Me, but I really can't remember.  My legs were killing me, but more dancing was to come.  We went to Port Olympico-- right on the Sea and a beautiful site-- for dinner.  I shared a few tapas with Jamie, Steph and Penny (from Australia).  We had smoked salmon, artichoke hearts stuffed with seafood, and some paella.  Plus 2 jugs of sangria.  The meal was almost 65 euro, but well worth it.  Definitely some of the best food so far. 

After dinner, we headed to a dance club.

Partying at Port Olympico. Me, Jordana, Terry, Jaben, Briar, Jamie, Rowan, Penny, Jesse, Carly and Sarah.
  It was dead, but we only had 30 minutes to kill before the bus picked us up.  We danced around with others from our group, and even around a pole.  We went to catch the bus, but then Ryan (the contiki rep from the campsite) got on board and told us to come back to the club and party some more.  And so we did.  We danced and danced until finally I was ready to get some sleep.  I caught a cab with Terry, Jordana and Melanie and we made it back to the campsite.   Tomorrow we head to the French Riviera.

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Sagrada Familia (notice the fruit …
Sagrada Familia (notice the fruit…
Me, Jamie, Steph, Jocelyn, Tracy a…
Me, Jamie, Steph, Jocelyn, Tracy …
Flamenco demonstration.
Flamenco demonstration.
Partying at Port Olympico.  Me, Jo…
Partying at Port Olympico. Me, J…
Me, Ryan (the contiki rep), and Me…
Me, Ryan (the contiki rep), and M…
Ryan, Jamie and Di on top of the b…
Ryan, Jamie and Di on top of the …
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