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Pont Du Gard

After about a week on this trip, i'd gotten used to the whole idea of not sleeping much.  This says a lot coming from a girl who is used to getting 8 to 9 hours a night.  On average, I got about 4 hours a night on this trip, and I was never terribly exhausted.  Granted, I tended to take naps on long bus days (which everyone does), and that helps quite a bit. 

Woke up that morning and looked like a cherry popsicle according to Steph, Jamie and Rowan.  Not terribly complimentary, but completely true.  If you go on this or any trip, take and wear lots of sunscreen.  The chateau was our first experience with coed bathrooms.  There were three toilet stalls on each floor and about five or six shower stalls.  Funny thing is, it didn't seem to bother anyone, even the more conservative people on our tour.

The room in Barcelona-- one of the nicest on the trip.
  You just sorta went in, did what you needed to do, and came out wrapped in a towel.  surprisingly, the guys weren't gawking at the girls.  They were all too busy doing their laundry in the sinks (the same sinks where people were brushing their teeth and washing their faces.  It's just a contiki thing you have to get used to.)

Anyway, we boarded the bus to head into Barcelona.  It was going to be a 12 hour bus day, which would be our longest yet.  I should also mention, when I was at the London-Paris ferry crossing, I found a book for 2 pounds and bought it on a whim.  It was a hooker's diary... called "belle du jour."  Sooo funny, but really a little too detailed for my taste.

Me at the Barcelona Beach at night (it's in the background somewhere).
  In any event, it kept me entertained on the long bus rides.  We stopped at the Pont Du Gard for lunch.  It's an old Roman Aqueduct... kinda cool looking.  Steph went to slip her feet in the water and tripped, and got the ends of her pants wet.  Then she sent her lady fingers on a little boat ride in the water when she dropped them.  Silly girl. 

It started raining as soon as we got into the city.  It rained every day on the tour so far.  Everyone said it was supposed to clear up soon though.  For the Contiki budget tours, you have to help out with some of the meals in order to keep costs down.  You're either a cookie or a dishie, meaning you help prepare food or you clean up the tables after the meal.  Either way, it's not a big deal at all, and definitely worth it for the discount you get on your tour price.  I was a cookie in Barcelona, so I had to help with tacos.  I was the lettuce and tomato girl.. not terribly difficult.  After that, we went to the beach (which was literally a few steps from our campsite) and drank some sangria.  YUMMY!! I drank about half of a bottle, but didn't get much of a buzz.  I bugged Mike for a while, then went bed. 


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Pont Du Gard
Pont Du Gard
The room in Barcelona-- one of the…
The room in Barcelona-- one of th…
Me at the Barcelona Beach at night…
Me at the Barcelona Beach at nigh…
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