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Mike, Aaron, Cassie, Mike and Sarah, enjoying dinner on the dock.

One of the things I loved most about Greece was how laid back it was.  I got to sleep in until 9 a.m. (which, on this trip, is a late start), and then had some breakfast.  A bunch of us then waited for a bus to take us into town.  Greeks like "ish" time, meaning that even though the schedule says the bus will arrive at 11:00, it could arrive at 11:05, 11:15, or 11:20, as ours did.  While we were waiting, several of my tour mates got impatient and decided to hang out at the hotel all day at the pool.  I'm sorry, but I didn't pay the money I did to hang out at a hotel pool when I'm in Greece.  But hey, that's their choice.  Rowan was also getting annoyed, so she went to the front desk to call a cab, thinking the bus wasn't going to show up.

The view of the sea from our table.
  She was coming back to let us know she just ordered a cab, and then the bus came.  She yelled back to the guy at the front desk that we didn't need it anymore, and he yelled at her and said she would have to pay for it anyway since he already called.  She wouldn't go near the front desk for the rest of the time there, thinking that they would try to make her pay.  She was quite paranoid about it in fact.

Anyway, we were in Corfutown on a Sunday... and the Greeks take church on Sunday very seriously, so the town was pretty dead for a while.  Quite a few of our tourmates went to the beach, but it looked like it was going to rain, so Rowan and I decided to shop some more.  Finally the town livened up a bit, and we went to lunch.

Another view from our table.
  One of favorite meals is patstitsio, so I had to try the real thing.  It was fantastic.  It started raining while we were having lunch, and since I had fallen on the cobblestone sidewalks the day before, I got a little scared.  Luckily, the rain didn't last long.  We went to an internet cafe and sent some e-mails, then met up with Andrea (who finally decided she didn't hate me), and we went on a quest to find some sweets.  We succeeded.  Rowan and I had passed a particular bakery many times, so we stopped in.  The owner brought us in and explained everything she had-- it all looked fantastic.  So Andrea and I got a box of a mix of stuff-- YUM.  No idea what some of it was, but wow.  It's good stuff- full of sugar, butter and honey.

We took the bus back to the hotel (it actually left on time), and took some power naps.  Then it was time for dinner.  A few people on the tour went to the optional Greek dinner and dancing, but considering how unimpressive most of the optional dinners had been, I opted out.  Sarah and I had heard from a couple guys that there was a restaurant down the road where you got all you could eat and drink for 10 euro.  It sounded way too goo to be true, and it was.  However, we ended up walking down the road with Mike, Mike, Mike, Brendon, Aaron and Cassie to a different restaurant.  Our table was out on a dock overlooking the sea.  It was an absolutely beautiful view of the sunset.  I had saganaki for an appetizer, and moussaka for an entree.  Both were fabulous.  The waiter probably hated us because he had to cross the street a bunch of times to get to us, but we tipped him well.  He must have appreciated that, though, because he gave us all a free dessert. 

We went to the convenience store on the way home and I picked up another bottle of cheap wine, plus some postcards.  After that, I came home and crashed.

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Mike, Aaron, Cassie, Mike and Sara…
Mike, Aaron, Cassie, Mike and Sar…
The view of the sea from our table.
The view of the sea from our table.
Another view from our table.
Another view from our table.
photo by: TaxMonkey