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Roommies! Me, Jordana, Jamie, Steph.

Today was a busy day.  Woke up around 8:00 and took a shower.  Breakfast was pretty good... tomatoes, hash browns, toast and nutella, bananas and a baguette with butter.   I should probably make a note about the cabin in Paris.  There are two separate bedrooms with perpendicular bunk beds attached to the wall (see photos), and a bathroom in the middle.  The bathroom is set up so that the shower is in one corner and the toilet is in the other.  No shower curtain or anything, so it's impossible to take a shower without getting the whole bathroom soaked.  You get used to it though. 

Went to Versailles today.

The "bunk" beds in the Paris cabin
  The line to get inside was absolutely ridiculous, so Jamie, Steph and I just ran around the gardens.  It was a pretty dreary day really, so it was tough to be excited about anything (plus, I was still pretty tired-- jet lag kicked my ass).  We went to the Champs Elysee for about two hours and just shopped around.  I'd been to Paris before, so it wasn't anything new for me, but it's still kinda fun to just see all the stuff in the designer stores that you know you really can't afford.  The most exciting part for most of the girls on my tour was the Sephora store.  There was one in each city, and for whatever reason, they needed to visit each one.  Oh well.

After the Champs Elysee, we went back to the campsite to change for the optional dinner.

The fantastic bathroom setup.
  The adventure began there.  We were going to Montmartre for dinner, and Montmartre has VERY narrow, steep steps.  This coupled with a long, wide stick-shift coach bus equals a bad combo.  Not to mention, the route Baz usually takes was under construction, so we had to make our own detour.  We got hit by one car who tried to squeeze past us, and she ripped off her bumper.  Luckily we had a witness who confirmed that it was the other driver's fault.  We then tried to go around a corner to a very small street, and in the process, blocked traffic for about 30 minutes.  We nearly hit another car on the corner, and after all the guys got out of the car (in the pouring rain I should mention) to try and lift it (the car, not the bus), all the guys ended up directing Baz on the best way to maneuver.
Cheers to free wine. Steph, Jamie, Me and Rowan
  We finally made it to dinner, and life got a lot more fun.

I sat with Jamie, Steph and Rowan, and we were welcomed with a blush wine.  At the time, I wasn't much of a wine person, but it was free, so why not?  I got a little pink in the cheeks (always happens when I drink), and then had a glass of white.  Then, Mike and Brendon from Canada joined our table.  There was this crazy waiter who came right up to you, yelled the three dinner options and waited for your reply, and then came back to the table with some appetizers, including "FROMAGE."  His eyes got all big and buggy when he said it, and presented us with a huge brick of brie.  Good stuff.  The three options at this meal were duck, beef and some sort of fish (there was also a vegetarian option, but if you want vegetarian food, you have to tell the TM this at the beginning of the entire tour so he can set it up).

Studs. Mike and Brendon.
  I got the fish, which was actually pretty good.  This was one of the better optional meals, and I'd highly recommend anyone going on this trip to go on this optional.  It's still very early on the tour, and it's a great opportunity to meet more of your tourmates (and get drunk with them for the first time).  As dinner progressed, the wait staff continued to bring us more and more wine, and we continued to get more and more drunk.  I think by the end of dinner I must have had at least a bottle and a half myself.  I was pretty wasted, as were Jamie and Steph, and Rowan was feeling rather happy herself. 

After dinner was the Nouvelle Eve cabaret optional.  It cost 62 euro to go, and I really didn't feel like it was worth it for me to go see a bunch of boobs.

Rowan and Steph being getting cozy with the erotica museum statues.
  We all had to walk in the same direction, though, to find the pick-up spot for later that night.  On the way there, Jamie ran into a pole that she apparently just didn't see.  I also really had to pee after drinking after all the wine, and the walk seemed to take forever.  We finally saw the pick-up spot, and I was on a mission to find a public restroom.  Found the french version of a mcdonalds (Quickburger), and found out you had to order something to get a code that would let you into the bathroom.  The lines were long of course, but i ordered a drink, got my code, and ran up the stairs to the restrooms.  As I got in, I noticed several urinals, and only a couple stalls.  I took care of business, and as I was walking back out, I noticed several guys just looking at me kinda weird.  Apparently in my state of drunkedness and because i was in such a hurry, I didn't bother to notice that I had gone into the mens' restroom.  Haha.  Oh well.  I was getting used to using the mens' facilities at this point.

So we were in the red light district and needed to kill a few hours while everyone else was at Nouvelle Eve.  Jamie, Steph, Rowan and I went to an erotica museum that our TM recommended.  It was only 7 euro to get in, and I have every confidence that we saw way more boobs than the guys at the cabaret anyway.  There were all sorts of statues of, ahem, well-endowed men.  We also saw porn from the early 1900s... soooo funny.  Funnier when you're still drunk on wine.  Let's just say we girls bonded over porn.  We then went to a few sex toy/clothing shops.  Fun to look at, but nothing (or at least not much), I hadn't seen in stores like Ambiance.

We headed to Nouvelle Eve around 11:45 to meet the rest of the group.  Mike (Aus) came out first and looked absolutely trashed.  Must have been a good night.  After the show, there were men selling roses, and Mike tried to take a couple... don't think he realized that they cost money.  I think he ended up buying a few anyway though.  Most of the people who went to the show didn't think it was worth it, so I was rather happy to have not wasted my money.  When we got back to the campsite, we went straight to the bar.  We were sitting outside, but we got kicked in for being too loud.  Then I got kicked out because I brought in a water bottle.  No big loss... that was one of the lamer bars of the campsites.  Went to bed right after that.

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Roommies! Me, Jordana, Jamie, Step…
Roommies! Me, Jordana, Jamie, Ste…
The bunk beds in the Paris cabin
The "bunk" beds in the Paris cabin
The fantastic bathroom setup.
The fantastic bathroom setup.
Cheers to free wine.  Steph, Jamie…
Cheers to free wine. Steph, Jami…
Studs.  Mike and Brendon.
Studs. Mike and Brendon.
Rowan and Steph being getting cozy…
Rowan and Steph being getting coz…
photo by: Sweetski