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St. Peters Basilica
So today was the full day in Rome.  We woke up at the butt crack of dawn (6:30ish) to have yet another continental breakfast (ugh) and then head off on the Roman Metro to meet the tour guide at the coloseum.  I wish that I could've been more interested, but it was hot, early in the morning, and I was hungry because croissants have stopped fullfilling my hunger.  We saw teh coloseum and the Roman forum.  One of the main things that I got out of this was that the new Rome is built on the old Rome, so the forum was excavated and they can't excavate more because they'd have to move people/businesses out of they're buildings.  So it's about 20 meters deep down under the ground (hey that rhymes).
Kate at the Beer Oasis.. dont worry mom, the beers are not all mine!
  After the walking tour we proceeded to the Pantheon to get an actual look inside.  It was cool, contained the tomb of Raphael and some important Roman guy but I can't remeber his name.  The only light inside is from the huge (freaking huge) occulus in the ceiling.  Neat-o.  After that, we headed to get lunch and gelato.  Guess what, it was pizza!  After lunch, we headed to the Vatican.  It was broiling, and the line wasn't too long to get in to St. Peter's bailica b/c it was a holiday and the Vat. Museums are closed.  So we got in.  It was very pretty, intimidating.  After the church, we went down to see the tombs of the old popes.  That was neat, creepy knowing that they're bodies are just chilling there on the other side of the tomb.  After that, we wanted to climb the cupola but the lines were disney world on fourth of july long so we decided not to.  At this point, we all went our separate ways, I headed back to the hotel because I was tired.  Fastforward to dinner at the Hotel.  Needless to say it was pasta and some kind of meat.  ugh.  After dinner, Lindsey, Kate, and I headed out into town via a taxi to Piazza Testacchio to check out this cool little bar that we read about in the Rome book.  The translation is basically Beer Oasis with over 600 different types of beer and 800 diffrent wines.  This put the chimes to shame, but not many were cold so we had a limited selection.  We had about 4 beers apiece, most of which were from belgium and one didn't have a wrapper but instead came in a bread bag.  when the bar closed, we headed to some square to catch a taxi back to the hotel.  once inside the safety of the taxi, we saw a fight break out (we were in the jewish ghetto).  got to hotel about 1:30ish and went to bed.

interesting quotes:
Rachel:  Hey Julia, you know what's scary?
Julia:  Catholicism.

Lindsey:  Apparently all beers lead to Rome.
Rachel:  Apparently, all beers lead to Belgium.

love you guys, rach
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St. Peters Basilica
St. Peters Basilica
Kate at the Beer Oasis.. dont worr…
Kate at the Beer Oasis.. dont wor…
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