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We chose not to take or post pictures from this stop. 

Today we went to Mauthausen Concentration Camp.  It was one of the most sobering and somber stops of our adventure.  We watched a documentary called "Journey of No Return" before walking through the actual camp.  The barracks were frightening but even more scary was the thought of how many people had lost their identity, dignity and lives there.  Prisioners heads were shaved, they were starved, humiliated and branded in this camp.  Just walking through you tend to smell death in the air.  Prisioners were killed in gas chambers, by being pushed off cliffs, injected with syringes of petrol, used for experimental drug tests and some fell down the "stairs of death."  The photos in the museum are horrifying;  prisioners starving to death that look like human skeletons, others throwing themselves into the barbed and razor wire fences as their only means of escape.  Mauthausen was the last camp to be liberated on May 5, 1945 by US troops.  I cant even begin to imagine life at Mauthausen.  I cried and I never do.  These camps are kept open as living memorials so that future generations can learn from past horrors.  May they rest in peace.  -Kate 
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photo by: srevans24