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Well early Friday morning my buddy Jim and I set out form Tel-Aviv to head to the Red Sea at Eilat. Okay no problem got on the highway 40 headed south to Beer sheva. High point was the interperative center at Makhtesh Ramon. Stopped there to take a proper look at the giant crater in the earth. Good thing we stopped as it is a natural occuring geological site and not some large hunk of earth blasted away by a meteor. The interperative site explained that all for us. After a coffee and something to eat we continued south.

At this time we were playing count the license plates but we were not having to much fun as there were no other cars. We were beggining to think that we had made a wrong turn. However the F15 flying low level gave us a hint to stay on the road. The sign on the side of the road during much of this trip stated "live fire range do not access." Good thing they were also in english I would hate to have assist in the target practice.

We got into Eilat at around 2pm ish had a beer and got directions from the locals as to our hotel locations. We were not at Harods, so it was kind of up and away from the main strip. So we head out towards the Hotel next thing we know we are doing a U-turn to head back to Israel after a brief conversation with the Egyptian border guards.

We found our hotel, got directions to the good beach, got some beer and wasted away the rest of the afternoon. I am from Canada so when the wind blows like a convection oven I end up being a little bit thirsty.

We hit the downtown if you will for a fine Italian restruant, no prosecoe however(what a shame) but the Israeli wine was nice. We then hit the pub for some beers, and to watch the scenery.

The next day we hit the Snuba joint to pick up some snorkeling gear. Next time I think I will get it in Canada, but it is a pain in the ass to pack. Well since it was so hot and I am an idoit, I did not wear a shirt so the cool Red Sea relieved the soon to be found bright red back that I was developing (still bitching about it now). The reefs and the fish were great just what I was looking for. Not many reefs in central Canada so when you get the chance you go see them. Not to mention the water is a nice 20+ deg celcius, NICE!

Now we headed north via the 90 this time in order to hit the dead sea. We wanted to get the whole of south Isreal in, in one swoop. The 90 is straight not many turns or anything worth desrcibing. Apparently it is location for many accidents due to people falling a sleep. I can attest to this as I had to pull over and take walk around the vehicle after the night of Eilat festivities I was tired.

On to the dead sea. First no water should be that warm. My parents have a hot tub in PC and well the water that they keep in there (heated) is colder than the dead sea was that day. The fact that I had a stage 3 (of 5) sun burn combined with (these are not my flippers) blisters. The water burnt! It was not the relieve I was looking for. So after so photo's we got the heck out of there.

We picked up a hitchhiker somewhere a long the way, it was one of those little towns that I could never remeber the name of. Dropped her off on the way to Jerusalem. Army officer off for a couple days to see friends. Apparently it is popular in the country as there are bus routes all over with a lot of people preferring to hitch a ride then wait for the bus. Also according to her the average wait time was around 15-20 mins. Which is pretty damn good, which would definetly beat the bus.

Anyways I look forward to my next trip to this country, where I will head north to Ceasaria, Haifa and hopefully all the way up to Nimrod. Should be entertaining.



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photo by: cotton_foam