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In Dublin, I arrived early, 5:30 in the morning is insane. When do you sleep, gotta have the fortitude of a Panda. Anywho, I found my next host- Bee, Elena, and Jez. (Bee is my Leprechaun) But I didn’t want to wake them so I hung out at the local Chinese grocery store.  Chinese are the hardest working! Good introduction to Dublin- a free coffee! God blesses the Chinese! Had fun at St. Paddy’s- much better behaved crowd.  Where Chicago is over the top with corporate sponsorship, Dublins was more town atmosphere. The costumes were neat, more neat is that they may have been homemade.  We were invited to a cool party by a cat from California also couchsurfing. Ryan, 26, sold all is possessions to do this trip. He is going as far as he can on the money he saved.

Amazing balls to do this. It took an accident to wake me up, yet he is doing it because he wants. Had lots of fun at the party.  God forgive me for taking the easy way, truth I am sure was alcohol had not so blinded me, she was cute but  Canadian girl was also loud, rude, egomaniac  and a mistake. The whole time I was thinking, this is a study to the younger generations behavior toward their place in life.  I felt bad cause this wonderful French girl and I had talked all night, got along well and then she turned the corner to see our future compromised. At this point, what to do but take the easy route, how rarely I have taken the easiest route.  I came close to announcing by Buddhist monk intentions aloud, denouncing all my past regressions for a second chance.
I haven’t done anything this incredibly demeaning since high school. I feel so embarrassed. It has got to get better, like riding a bike, right? Enough said there.  Anywho, my hosts  were so cool. We got along so well. The girls wrote me a letter and gave me socks for a going away present. Truly touching it was. I can only hope to be as good as the letter. Bless them.  Guinness Factory was cool, art galleries cool, archeology museum cool, rest is pretty touristic. At the party I met Michael, he is from Athy, a small town. Michael and his friend Bryan hung out with me for two days. Lucky I am!! I saw his uncle, an artist forger (iron smith), his father who went to Beijing with a local Irish boxer made good also bought me a true Irish breakfast, Emma the cutest barmaiden whose ass is as beautiful as she is feisty.
I told the boys, find me an Irish woman or I take the weather with me when I leave! Apparently it always rains, but not even a cloud while I been here. Good fortune for all! I figure the Irish have 2 weeks to make good or I go. Right behind French girls, Irish are my favorites. Such a pig aren’t I? Sorry.  Anywho, Bryan good nature is always good fun.  Michael is spot on with his humor. Couldn’t find a funnier guy. This was a wonderful opportunity to see the midlands and I loved it. Next on my way to Cork I was hosted by a lovely Latvian woman and her little girl. We hung out for 2 days.  Then to Cork. Hmmm. The second capitol the people of Cork say. Hmmm. No decent vintage stores, no capitol! The town has a college vibe to it.
Many street musicians, people who live by their wits, fun and honest but definitely missing the prosperity that a capitol needs. Comparing Murphy’s or Breamish to Guinness!  Like cow patty to a steak dinner. But I did get a kick out of how adamant the Cork townspeople were. “Really many people prefer Breamish to Guinness!!”  My ass. My ass. My ass.  Get a decent vintage store too! In Dublin I bought a fine late 40’s suit, 3 50’s shirts and 2 40’s ties all for 60 euros. I surfed one night with Bee’s brother, Ronan. This multi talented, knowledgeable cat who lives well by his wits. He is the ultimate musician from all I can tell. Does street performance to concerts. The second guy, lived in filth. Barns are cleaner. I cleaned his dishes sitting in cold greasy water, but where to put? No drying rack, all the clean silverware sitting caked with 1cm of grease on the side of the sink where a drying rack would be.
And so it is. People have different priorities. He had travelled extensively, done a good thrifty job at it and that is where his priorities are.  I have no right and shouldn’t judge. Be happy to have a bed.  He is a good man. One thing Cork has is a headstone for a soccer/football fan. My humor… so if I should die before I wake please blah blah and… then I want a tombstone of a giant penis with heavenly hands …– gotta have a hobby!  Next so far… the highlight.

The Ring of Kerry. The road follows the coast from Kilmare to Dingleand up to Tralee. But I stopped in Waterville met Dylan, the guesthouse owner and this little sweetie of an American girl- Amy.

This girl owns a blog called ThriftyDigger, she is a bartender, easy on the eyes but too young, and lovin her boyfriend in the US. Cest la vie, it was nice listening to her, agreeing together on so many things that are important to us but in the end too young and 11th commandment: never step on another mans penis.  Back to the subject at hand.  Dylan use to work on (Treasure Island called) Valencia Island. Tourist never go here! Old Druid rocks sticking up, lovely sea water and waves, awesome seafood restaurant, good company and peaceful.  The nature the three of us felt allowed us to sit in total silence.  There is no art better than the art that allows you to elevate beyond words.

In Tralee, it is a livable city/town. Not much there but nice enough. There I couchsurfed with Trevor.

He is 30, has all the positive energy to do anything. He wants to travel in the long term sense. To do this he is planning and saving. He errors on the side of safety. This safety is a difficult obstacle to overcome. For me, it was losing my leg that allowed me to jump over this seemingly insurmountable obstacle. How much safety is enough, how much money is enough, how much… these are questions that ran through my head when I was 28 and leaped into the deep end. But planning is essential, precautions are wise and he isn’t silly so I am sure he will make the right choice for himself. Trevor is now at that position. He will have to make a decision soon or the feeling he has of not doing will last until he does.  In Tralee, we went to the bar for a beer. The barmaid had an ass you could bounce a quarter off of, breast formed by god to the perfect cup of his hands, a face so innocent with long blonde hair… and she was only 16!!!!! Fuck me to tears, it is true.
She is a highschool student.  I had to gulp, and put all the evil thoughts out of my head. In all honesty, a bar is no place for girls under 18. Not much for moral views but my stomach turned when I heard she was only 16. It filled the bar on a Monday!! A 60+ seat, medium size bar, packed with men to watch this little Venus pour a beer. I do have a Marquis de Sade fantasy… would it be perverted to offer an 18 yr old girl a $100K contract for 4 years? Free housing and more or less food, she can work for spending money but otherwise a 4 yr. relationship in which time I show her art, music, intelligence, etc.  It works in baseball.  Oh bless. Anywho,  just arrived in Limerick.

Enjoy the pictures.

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photo by: JJguinness