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Hey everyone!!!

Well, I've arrived overseas....despite the CRAZY terrorism crap that seems to have come about, I've made it!!  I landed at London Gatwick on the 29th and was soo lucky to have Lisa and Amanda there to pick me up with their rental car!  We headed back to Central London and came to Lisa's flat...literally RIGHT by the hostel we stayed in last time we were in London!  There were a few neat things about being in London again...one--driving in a vehicle! I kept feeling like we were going to crash when we'd come around corners driving on the WRONG SIDE! ahah  two--it rained and rained!  Last time I never got the full London experience because it was hot and sunny the whole time, but this time I got it all!  It rained off and on the whole time!  We even had to buy ponchos the one day...and boy did we look hot!   three--driving through areas other than just central London was awesome to see the way they really live and more realistic London life!  I heart London!  It's huge, but awesome!   Now, a few hours before I flew in there had been a bomb threat at a club in Piccadilly Circus....scary scary stuff!  We heard on the radio about it, then ended up walking past the crime scene all taped up later that day!  Tyler, our favorite shop from last year was closed due to it all....sooo maybe next time!  There's been a lot of freaky stuff going on in London/Europe actually...trying to tell myself not to worry because there's not a heck of a lot I can do about it anyway!  With that said...we were at the Stansted airport on our way to Barcelona and there were police with machine guns all over!  Now that was a mixed feeling---freekin' scary because something crazy must be goign on and good b/c at least they were doign something about it all!  We've been watchign the Spanish television and catching some British news channels keeping a watch on things...but like I said not much we can do...as my grandma sings  ka sera sera...whatever will be will be!!   Janine, you know that one!!!

Sooo yea, London was a riot!  Like our Topdeck team and the British or whatever they are band, Kaiser Chiefs say..."I predict a riot...I predict a riot!"    Our mini-reunion was a blast!  You get a few kiwis, aussies, brits, and canucks together and boy is it messy!!  I was soooooo tired from my 12 hour bus ride from North Battleford to Calgary, and my 8 hour wait in the Calgary airport, and then my 9ish hour flight....not to mention my last two days of school in which I think I got less than 3 hours sleep trying to do a billion things!  Sooo yea, I was pooped and should've just gone to bed after our day of sightseeing...but nope, not Cindy!  Who knows me to be one to go to bed early! haha   We went to a little pub and it ended up being a good time!  We were a little under the weather the next day to say the least!  Then the next day we went and drove to Amanda's friends' place in North London, so it was fun getting lost along the way and touring all areas of London! haah  So many different styled houses!  That night the flatmates of Lisa's and us had some drinks (which by the way we got by walking literally next door to the gas station and buying just out of a fridge beside all the rest of the normal gas station food!  Europe's great! haha).  We ended up goign to a messy place called The Walkabout!  So fun!!  I felt a bit dumb because I was not so familiar with all the Australian, New Zealand, and British music they were playing!  But nonetheless we were 'clubbing' that night so we danced the night away!!  And yea it was gone!  Worse than the ngiht before!  The next day we had to get up heaps early and drive out to Stansted airport.  This is when we heard about the bomb stuff at Glasgow airport....not cool as we were on our way to an airport!  We had been afraid in our drunken state we woudl sleep in so set our alarms reallllly early and were still half tanked when we woke up...but we were early!  We expected to get lost along the way too...but didn't really, so had hours to blow in the airport as we waited for our flight to SpaiN!!!

We finally boarded our RyanAir flight to Barcelona!!  It was cool becasue we actually walked out on the tarmack!!  It was the first time I've been on a flight where it's like a first come first serve seating system!  Budget airlines....pay for what you get...and we got a bumpy landing!! Bumpiest I've ever had!  Ah well, it was cheap and got us here!!!  We landed in Barcelona around 6ish and took a bus into the city center.  We were a bit afraid because we hadn't booked any accomodations yet!  This was the moment I realized if my parents knew I was out here with a backpack on my front and back wandering through a foreign country as darkness neared they would not be impressed! haha  After forever walking aroudn and after my neck and back were killing me from the waaayy too much stuff I packed we decided to stop at an internet cafe and look for some sort of accomodation!  We booked the Hotel Moderno and decided to get a cab to take us there because we had no bleepin clue where we were!!  We were true travelers...no Gus as our tourguide like last year!  Now, you'd htink it would be easy to just get a cab and go....not so!  Barcelona is SSUCH a busy city and neither of us knew how to hail a cab! haha  We finally did and it took us to our great hotel!  It's really nice and is just off Ramblas street, a big popular thing in Barcelona!  We walked around and so far loved what we had seen!!  Now is when the night got BAD...and what is what kept us in for hte past few nights past dark.....

We were just walking back on this Ramblas street thing, and all of a sudden three 'black' girls started yelling at us in some other language...we had no idea, but knew tehy were yelling at us!  We just kept walking and didn't want to look back....then there were more in front of us!  It was honest to goodness the scariest thign ever!  They came right up to us and surrounded us and were yelling in Spanish or whatever....we were like ahhh  and trying to say we didn't do or say anything! They thought we had said something to the one girl, but we were just TOTALLY minding our own business!!  Thank the lord that another one that had come from behind spoke a bit of English and saw how absolutely terrified we were and they decided to let us go!  We were shaking and I felt like crying!  Barcelona was no longer this awesome city I had earlier decided it was! haha   Needless to say...we've been so creeped out we havne't really hit up much nightlife in Barcelona...and don't intend to unless we find some bodyguards!! 

The next few days however have changed my mind back to loving Barcelona!!  It truly is BeaUtiful!!  We bought tickets for a hop on hop off bus thing and did the total tourist thing!  IT was an open top deck bus and we just got off as we pleased at different sights!!  Sooo many thigns to list, that I won't even start until I find out how to put some photos up!  A picture will literally save me a thousand words!!  THe best thing was this huge church thing that is still being built!  The name has slipped my memory Cascada, Grasada, something....but it was unreal!  We did the bus thign for awhile then headed for the beach!  It was still hot out at like 7:00!  We could NOT wait for the next day to go back and just be beach bums!!!

....and that brings me to today!!  Today was awesome!! We woke up, did the last few routes of our bus tour thing (so had seen everythign they feel important to see in Barcelona!) then headed for the BEACH!  It is AMAZING!  Anyone who knows me knows how thrilled I am by palm trees! haah  I just love it, love it!!  We had a great time just being bums!! We sat there literally all day!! We piad a few Euro to sit on the special lounge chairs and we were set.....no we weren't! We were in Europe!  In Europe you're ALLOWED to have cerveza's on the beach!! We went to a little market and bought a little 6-pack and some chips and returned to our chairs!!  What a life....!  We of course were witness to many a naked boobies!  Topless European women....ewwww!! and got a few nasty photos of some old men in g-strings---not that i like to see it, but i think topdeckers that this will win the contest we started last year to find the nastiest speedo---this was beyond speedo!  I honestly thoguht the man was buck naked....but there was literally a string to cover it all! haah  It was plus 32 even at 8 at night!!  We fully intend to do the same thing tomorrow!!!  

Food's been good! Mixed it up with a bit of local cuisine and of course some good ol' McDonalds!!  That's about all I can say for now!  Fortunately the hotel has free internet, so I can catch up on some emails and stuff!  TOTALLY different from the last trip as far as communications back home go!  Last time we were sooo busy and whatever that I literally had NO time to phone or email anyone!  Thsi time we've got Amanda's cell phone so can text and make the odd call here and there!  Defintiely a bit safer feeling!! We are in Barthelona (that's the local way to pronounce it!) until the ngiht of the 5th, then head back to London for a day, then I'm off on the 'photo shoot' on the night of the 6th!  Starting to get a bit nervous about that....but it should be all good!  I fly from London, yet another different London airport, into Budapest then take train and mini-bus' from there!  Should be good...but who knows!!!

I hope everyone is doing awesome back home!!  I hear the weather's been good, which is awesome!!!  I will be back in Calgary on the 14th and then likely to the G'soil around the 15th or 16thish!!!!  Hope the good weather continues once I'm home!!!   Okay, everyone take care of yourself and be good!!! 


tirsomaldonado says:
Next time you go to Barcelona let me know and I will recommend you cool stuff to do... Las Ramblas is a must stop in the city, but it is dangerous somehow... so you have to avoid some streets... by the way, next time you go visit Sitges (my hometown)... best town on the coast.. and Tossa... an hour away from Barcelona.. did you visit everything from Gaudí? cool eah? and next time go to "Los Caracoles" a very peculiar restaurant in "Barrio Gótico"... well I am from Barcelona although now i live in Madrid :( cheers
Posted on: Jul 19, 2007
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This journal entry is a draft and has not been published yet. Please check back later!
This journal entry is a draft and has not been published yet. Please check back later!
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