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Splash Mountain
I went to Florida to stay with my new found aunt.

My uncle also travelled from Illinois to share the time with us.

Although I had wanted a white Christmas this was still an extremely special experience for me.

It was my first time in the USA and man do they know how to overdo Christmas celebrations.

I was also pleasantly suprised with a visit to Disney world.

Turns out that a cousin of mine is the chief horticulturist (garden designer) of the grounds and so we were treated like royalty. Had a 5star hotel situated on the actual Disney rounds. Also, we had priority entrance to the parks every morning with no waiting line. Plus we had priority reservations to all the best restuarants in the park on top of a few other perks. I think I saved about $5000 just due to this one cousin.
Geno feeds a giraffe

Not a bad scam...

I was never interested in Disney cos I viewed it as blatant over-americanism. But the places really do rock. They are so much fun. Animal world totally rocks. And I was stoked to see on Okapi. It's the only mammal that managed to remain hidden from public knowledge until the 20th centrury. And it's a beautiful animal at that. For those that dont know. It's the South American version of a giraffe.

As an engineer, I also have to amit that Epcot was wicked. My only complaint was a lack of an 'australian' exhibit in the 'round the world' section....

Christmas in Florida was highly emotional and very special. It's a little scary to meet an uncle who you've never met before.... and then find out how similar you are. Both eery and warming. Needless to say, my uncle was a legend and I love him to bits... We had plenty of laughs... and it's always good to know you're not the only insane practical joker around....

After Florida it was off to New York to meet my very good mate Steve....

Sunflower300 says:
Epcot was my favourite too. When I was there, they had a ‘hut’ that looked African to me but it had a few pieces of aboriginal art in it. Very disappointing.
Posted on: Apr 03, 2008
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Splash Mountain
Splash Mountain
Geno feeds a giraffe
Geno feeds a giraffe
getting closer
getting closer
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