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To this day, I still do not know what the sign means
Okay.. I know that movie took place in Austria, but cut me some slack, it was still the alps.
  Yesterday I had the choice between le montagne and la mare, and I chose the mountains at that point, so today we headed up to the Gorini's winter home in Switzerland.
Did I mention they are filthy rich?
  The road there was filled with switchbacks, which we still passed people on despite the fact that there could be large trucks hurtling by us at any point.
  There's some excellent video footage I got on my video camera at the time of Mr.Gorini asking me "Ready Terry?", then me giving a terrified little squeal as we surge out into the wrong lane of traffic and pass two tractor trailers while going around a corner.
  I didn't expect to be THAT impressed by Switzerland, because I live in a spectacularly mountainous place, but I must admit, I was astonished by the beauty. The lakes, the greenery, amidst the quaint feel of all the little swiss towns was just such a wonderful atmosphere.
  Upon arriving at the Gorini's ultra modern home (it looked like it was in a jail) in Celerina, Mr. and Mrs Gorini took off and left me and Max.  I was somewhat confused, but Max explained to me that they were going home for work and we'd be left up here for a few days.
 I think I noticed an evil gleam in his eye at that point.
  We went out and rode our bikes around the town and to various other towns around.  Max had his mountain bike, but I was left with some sort of road bike, and since I felt the need for a helmet, I also looked ridiculous with a helmet that didn't fit at all.
  However, atleast I wasn't decked out in spandex like Max.  And, I think the kid's awesome, but a guy his size really should not ever be wearing spandex.
   We ran into Max's friends Stefano and Federico, and we played some Italian cardgame that night, during which they all cheated by telling eachother their cards in Italian while I just stared blankly.
And won anyways.
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To this day, I still do not know w…
To this day, I still do not know …
photo by: terru_f