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Cheese shack!
So the destination lies a wee bit.  I didn't actually get to Como until late tonight- it was for the most part another day in Switzerland.
  Today Max and co. asked me, while on our bikes, if I'd like to go up or not.
I said no thanks.
 The plan was orginally to bike all the way to Austria which sounded like a huge feat to me, but I don't think it was entirely all that far.  I still would have been a long bike ride though, and thats where I thought we were going the entire time, but thats not where we ended up.
   We ended up, after passing through lots of cool little villages, at what appeared to be a farm, where cows with huge bells wandered around binging (they must get pissed off at that), and a train came by every now and then.  And in the midst of this little farm place was a shack , and in that shack was a whole lot of cheese.
   I've never been the hugest cheese fan, but this was Switzerland, so I consented to their idea of having a huge plate of cheese for lunch, and I was glad I did because it was really really good although I'm sure I consumed enough fat there to keep me insulated should I ever be victim to a avalanche of gelato or some other cold Italian tragedy.
  Come to think of it.. I may have been in austria.  But I sort of doubt it.  We didn't go that far.
The Gorinis returned that night and drove us back to Como, where I had to pack because we were going somewhere else the next morning.
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Cheese shack!
Cheese shack!
photo by: farfalla84