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Now let's see.. whats the best way to tell which one's from Canada. Could it be the pasty whiteness?
  Max is under the impression that their boat is not a yacht, because it is too small.
We drove by Bill Gates yacht today, and yes, compared to that (It had a helicopter pad on it!),  the Gorinis' boat was small.  But other than that.. any boat that has a suntanning platform, a table, a sink, beds and those sort of things strikes me as a yacht.
  And today we went on that yacht along past Monaco (looks so cool from the water! Especially the Musee Oceanographique, on a rocky cliff) and to a nice little harbour where we dropped anchor, then Max decided we should swim to a cave  near the shore.
   And so to the shore we went while I drank copious amounts of salt water.  And by shore, what I really mean is cliff, because thats all there was.  And in this cliff was a cool little cave in which waves kept crashing in, making it seem somewhat unsafe, but pretty damn cool.  We had a look around inside and shouted to hear how echoey it was.  On a 10 point scale of echoiness I think I'd give it an 8.
    On the way back I attempted to do front crawl before bearing the pain of opening my eyes while face down in the salt water.  Breastroke became the swim of choice for the rest of the trip.
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Now lets see.. whats the best way…
Now let's see.. whats the best wa…
photo by: nathanphil