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Mr and Mrs. Gorini
I'm a sucker for bus tours.  I don't know how this happened, but it's a terrible addiction that is going to lead me to be one of those seniors that spends their life heading back and forth on bus trips to Vegas playing extensive rounds of Bingo and complaining about the air conditioning.
  We went on "Le Grand Tour" of Nice today, which was essentially a 2 hour bus trip (double decker, open air!) that took us around Nice to see all the famous sites like the big promenade along the ocean, all the incredibly nice beaches, and a bunch of huge villas up in the hills.  It was nice and breezy on the second floor, but I kept getting whapped by branches.
  Maybe the reason I liked these bus tour things so much was because I got a little headset that spoke English to me, and so I actually understood what was going on for once.  I saw the museum of modern art on the way through the town (and lots of Belle epoque architecture- the headset makes me feel smart for knowing that).  I then decided I'd like to go to the modern art museum at some point, but this caused quite a stir amongst the Gorinis. Sorry! It was just a suggestion! They argued about how we were going to get there and eventually it was decided that Max and I would come back at another point, and so we all headed for lunch.
  We ate at a place called "Le Quebec" which Mr.Gorini thought was appropriate since I was from Canada.  I'm from BC.. but thanks for the consideration.  I had spaghetti neopolitaine and it was awesome, although the raw egg on top of it was a little daunting at first.  I stirred it in and then forgot about it. Ha! Showed you, egg!
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Mr and Mrs. Gorini
Mr and Mrs. Gorini
photo by: Niki-Travelfan