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This isn't Monaco- but this is the view we returned home to in Beaulieu.

After seeing Monaco from the water I had an insatiable urge to go there, and so today we took the train there.
  First impression was awe, because the train station was pretty much inside a cliff.  Plus I just like trains.
As soon as we emerged from the train station I began noticing strange art cows everywhere, which was part of something called "Monacow" or something similar. Though I'm not really sure.  This is just what I saw on a pamphlet.
  We went to the Musee Oceanographique, which was essentially a huge aquarium which was pretty damn cool (especially these  shark things that had faces on the bottom so when they swam facing the glass they looked like weird monsters).  We ate lunch at the restaurant on top with great views down the cliffs to the water far below, and afterward we took a Trenino (mini train!) tour of the city, seeing the famous Monte Carlo casino, the Grimaldi castle, the tunnel that the big race goes through and that sort of thing.
  We also went to the marina and watched the MASSIVE yachts come in- and we caught a glimpse of Anna Sharapova coming off her yacht!  Atleast Max says thats who it was- I didn't really get a good glimpse as she disappeared into a limo as soon as she came off the boat.
  Best part of the day was one of the simplest- just sitting at the harbour eating ice cream and watching the world go by.
  Then it was a frantic race to the train station because I ended up getting lost and separated from Max, and running up a whole bunch of stairs and in a huge pointless loop before finding the entrance .. but it was all good fun.

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This isnt Monaco- but this is the…
This isn't Monaco- but this is th…