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This was the view from my bedroom

  I'd always imagined funicular railways to be these thrilling machines that whisked you up the mountainside.  Today I learned that they're not "thrilling" per se, but they do give you an awesome view.
  There was a funicular (or fonicolare) that went from Como up to a town called Brunate on the hillside, and so we took that up and wandered around the hilltop town with amazing views of the lake and city below.  Having just arrived, I was getting amused by everything.
  "Look! A sign that says pizza!"
 "Look! A grasshopper!"
  In my defense, the grasshoppers were bright green and actually were very cool.
We took a bus ride (to where I still don't know).. and it was fun in a terrifying sort of way, because the roads were so windy and narrow , the bus had to honk every time before going around a corner just to make sure another car wasn't coming around the corner at full speed.  And of course, this was Italy, so everybody was speeding.
  After coming down from the hill, we explored the town, heading into the amazing cathedral.
I wonder how much willpower it would take to walk into a massive dome like that and NOT look up.  I certainly don't think I could do it.
  We also went to a park on the lake and played some mini golf.  But it was nothing like the mini golf I've played in Canada.  There were loops, there were jumps, there were tunnels, there were mazes- it was intense, and incredibly difficult.  Not to mention the fact that if you hit your ball off the jump the wrong way it would fly and whack some other poor patron.  I seemed to get increasingly worse as the game went on.. but it was a ton of fun.
  Afterward, Max's sister and her son showed up, and Max went on a ride with him on a little kiddie train in the park.  What the Italians didn't seem to realize is that the music they were playing, Bad Touch (you and me baby aint nothing but mammals..) was not the most appropriate thing for a childrens ride.  But I got a kick out of it.
  It was ridiculously hot out while I was trying to get to sleep, and my pillow smelt like beer, but I still managed to fall asleep easily because I was exhausted and just incredibly excited to be in Italy.

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This was the view from my bedroom
This was the view from my bedroom
photo by: farfalla84