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Going up..
  The evil gleam in Max's eye manifested itself today as I was unceremoniously dragged along on an uphill bike journey.
  At first it seemed like a very nice ride, as the four of us, me, Max, Fede, and Stefano made our way up a wooded hill and over to St.Moritz.
  I think originally they were planning on going for Pizza in town, so after dodging traffic in the town, we made our way to a small restaurant, which was closed for the season.
  That resulted in somebody having the brilliant idea of "Hey! Let's head up the mountain to that little restaurant!"
  Except I didn't really grasp what was about to happen at this point, until I noticed that the town was disappearing and we appeared to be biking up a ski run.  And it just went on and on and on.
  At first I felt I was doing really well, as I was passing the Italians on the way up. They'd ask me "Hai Stanco?" and I would respond with a cheeky "No!" and pedal up in front of them. 
  That all ended when I realized I had no water.  Soon I was struggling to stay ahead (going slower didn't occur to me) and eventually, I walked my bike up the final stretch.  It turned out that the restauraunt we were going to up the mountain was also closed.  Could we not have foreseen this?
  I quickly forgot about my tiredness and the fact the whole journey was in vain when I looked down and saw lakes and villages stretched out before me.
  Needless to say, on the way down my brakes got a good workout, although at one point when we got back to the road I was chased by a semi truck down a set of switch backs. After nearly getting run over in St.Moritz, we made it back to Celerina, and we headed over to Stefanos familys place for dinner that night, having an awesome meal of Risotto with Tiramisu for dessert.
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Going up..
Going up..
photo by: terru_f