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This facemask amused me way too much..
I don't really understand how I manage to make it through long plane rides, because I don't actually sleep, I'm just in this weird half conscious state where I don't really know where I am but I can hear random coughs from deathly ill people sitting next to me, and I can feel the occasional whack of the food trolley as it oh so gracefully rumbles past.
 The thing about this plane ride that kept me hanging on was my great amusement at being given a face mask, socks, and a toothbrush.  Way to make my flight, British airways!
  Also, thankfully I had my exchange student Max in the next seat for company. I told him that I wanted to speak Italian from now on so I could learn to speak the language, and he just gave me a flat out no.
Thanks for the confidence boost, man.
  After driving to the Vancouver airport from Squamish, we said bye to my parents, and then we were off to Heathrow, where I struggled to stay awake for our 2 hour layover (and bought a tacky Union Jack pen) and then we flew to Milan on a flight that terrified me a little.
  It really wasn't that bad, but the plane kept making sounds like it was stopping in mid air, nobody else on the plane spoke english, and everytime we hit turbulence, everybody on the plane would shriek and woop.  This may have something to do with a school group that was on the plane but I didn't take too kindly to it.  Plus I tried to rest my head on the tray table and the person in front of me leaned back and squished my head.  Yes I admit that would be funny to watch, but I was not seeing the humour as I had to get Max to kindly ask the person to go forward and free my head from the seats evil clutches.
  When the plane touched down, the plane erupted into a chorus of "fratelli D'Italia" and applause while I nursed my headache and wondered if I had actually landed or this was some strange version of pergatory.
   Max's parents greeted us in the airport with a sign that said "welcome Terry" (I still have it now!), and I noticed something interesting. 
  Max's dad was missing his right arm.  Thanks for telling me that ahead of time Max, really saved me some awkwardness (that was sarcasm by the way).
  We piled into his dads Porsche Cayenne and I got to sit in the front.  Now, at first I thought this was a huge privelege, sitting in the front seat of a porsche. But as we drove 180 through Milan, I found it hard to take my mind off the fact that the driver only had one arm, and had to shift and drive with that one arm, while agressively passing those slow assholes who were only going 150 (What are you thinking, this is a 80 zone!).
  The drive from Milan to Como was about an hour, and arriving in Como was very cool- the streets were all narrow and cobbled, everything was old, and the cathedral was huge and amazing.  Better yet, the Gorini's (thats the families name) lived on the top of an old hotel right on the lake.   From one side of the house was a view of beautiful Lago di Como, and on the other side, the side my room was on, you could see over all the red rooftops and straight to the massive green cathedral. 
  I was very impressed, but also tired as hell.
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This facemask amused me way too mu…
This facemask amused me way too m…
photo by: farfalla84