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Ok I know I haven’t been on here much but always thinking of getting away.

Is just me or does the constant dashing(giving police money for no reason ops reason is so they let you drive on) get anyone else down.


I’ve just got back from a relaxing few weeks in The Gambia. Worked out well as I did need to get away some times you just need to, if you lived here you would know what I mean.

Got to say the airport appears to be getting more professional and more like a major international airport. More like the megacity it is and is trying to develop into.

In the time I’ve been I have witnessed some large improvements in Nigeria – although Lagos state should really do something with the roads, I mean they tax us on everything and they have done very little to the roads apart from build a race track/ring road from flomo to the expressway.


I have seen a few dead bodies, but not as many as I thought I would see when I first arrived the way everybody talked about Nigeria.

In general over the last 2 years, I have seen Man utd Vs Portsmouth in Abuja. I think that was death by football, I know it was only a pre-season game,  but please the football, it was like watching a conference league game,  then to add insult Rooney said to the press that he got some Nigerian disease, nothing to do with him partying for 2 weeks in South Africa and he was only in Nigeria for under 24hours, so much for giving to the fans and coming here to increase their fan base.

I’ve also travelled lots (but only outside Nigeria) and climbed Kilimanjaro, the hardest and most impressive thing I have ever done. One of my fondest memoires was when I and a few friends drove to Ghana for the African nation’s cup; we had tickets for the opening game. the journey was proper funny, we had no map but we thought if we kept the sea on the left we would hit Ghana, well it kinda worked. That was yet another memorable experience I have been to Ghana loads to get away as, it seems so different, and I made some good mates there and it is only a short flight away.

I’ve also been lucky enough to travel to Kenya fed some giraffes, went on safari got the photos of lions. I also went to Ethiopia, lalibela and Aksum. So flights out of Nigeria aren’t a problem.


I’m off to for a short break to Budapest, then I’m away next month to Rwanda where I will be gorilla trekking and taking in the genocide memorial.


Haven’t talked much about Nigeria, coz again I hope this doesn’t upset anyone, but for a country that has so much history to offer and with such a diverse culture, it fails in its obligation to the world to show it off. In my opinion a Nigerian can talk about the world problems and solve them in an afternoon sitting on a bench, under a tree with his mates, but ask him about his history or culture  and they just squarely place the blame for the state of the ‘could be’ great country on 1st world countries.

As I said in my 1st impressions blog, The rich here are supper rich and it appears that most of the wealth in this country is in the hands of 5% of the population. While that 5% of the population have nice cars and generators the rest of the population live with only a few hours of electricity. ops got a bit serious unlike me, but the funny thing is even way out in the country where people work in fields and some live in very poor conditions they all have mobile phones fully changed, and when they’re going out look immaculate.  


Well its still ‘appy daze in Lagos, as long as I can get out regularly.  

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