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Yes I did forget to update this site, but I’m here working and trying to find time to enjoy myself. Well over 18 months in, I think I’ve been here long enough to make some informed decision about the place.


First off, yes what you have heard about the place is true, corrupt, dodgy and rude. However, if you coming to Nigeria you should not be expecting a stroll in the park, if like me you realise and accept that this is a 3rd world country, which has a lot of potential, then you will be fine.  


Security and personal safety is my biggest issue here, although saying that, I have felt safe most of the time, when you compare Lagos with other big cities like Manchester, London or New York, then I’m sure you will be understand that in fact you might be safer here than in one of those places. However I really would like to walk a bit more which I don’t and I don’t think anyone one does.


The clubs and bars are fine, even the bush bars are perfectly ok. Although I can’t get over the cost of a beer, hang on though, restaurants very expensive for what you get. Although most the meat is imported and is OK but you really do pay for it. Well it must be OK, as I’ve gained over a stone and half.  So it can’t be that bad.


Abuja is lovely but it has no soul, Abuja appears to be a perfect capital city, it has fresh fruit and fresh meat, and you can walk around where as in Lagos most of the food like meat and fruit that I want to eat is imported, I do miss fresh vegetables and fruit.


Lagos is the old capital and is definitely the place to be, and if your like that the place to be seen. I’ve made some very good friends some of whom I have been on holiday with, like Ghana, Ethiopia, Togo and Benin, and what a contrast Ghana is. Better not get me started on how wonderful Ghana is in comparison as I often go there for weekends.

And yes I do need to do that, every few months I do need to get out of Nigeria as it’s doing my head in. once you have been here a while you will understand.

But overall I am pleasantly surprised by what Nigeria has to offer, however I am still struggling to find some Nigerian history and Culture, as all I’ve had or seen is people telling me how the UK destroyed this country, however I would rather have someone talk to me about the history and not just preach me there opinions of history (granted it is more there history than mine but make it factual)  

And as for preachers well Nigeria is very religious 50 % Muslim and 50 Christianity, and the preachers/pastors can talk, and I’m sure the congregation get a lot from them.

But leave me alone.  

Any way still here and still having fun, the other personal stuff, is doing OK, yes I do play it safe.


i hope my thoughts here haven't upset anyone as that is not the intention these are my personal thoughts about Lagos you might not agree -



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