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What can I saw the flight was an experience – I came with Virgin Nigeria, the flight was one of the best I’ve been on.


When we landed I was expecting to me met by a friend at the gate who works at the airport, she wasn’t there waiting. But I just followed the signs for the exit easy as that, there was a backlog at the immigration desk, as I was waiting in the queue, I happened to say to “’appy daze” and a friend of a friend turned round and said “ Mr Joe I presume?” this turned out to be PM. I said yes how do you know, then he told me that my friend who was out here a couple of weeks ago had said he might be on the same flight. So within 15 mins of landing at Lagos airport I had made contact with my first friend, as I cleared immigration and got my bags I went and waited outside as I was gagging for a fag. Just then my friend LR who was meant to be meeting me and said where are you. She then came and took me and PM home, and that is when the experience starts.


Nigerian roads have to be some of the most dangerous roads in the world, I have never seen anything like it, there appears to be no rules of the road. Everybody just goes for a space, it’s about 5 times worse than march arch and park lane. Not only do you have to watch out for the cars the people just seem to step out and run across in front of you but the most dangerous transport on the road have to be the okadas, these are motorbike taxis, they have cut the handle bars so they can zip up the between the cars at great speed. I think during my time here I might get sick of Flomo Bridge. But it is the greatest shopping street I’ve seen, you can but anything as your driving across there, it’s great. From ironing boards to newspapers. It’s all there. The traffic is appalling on Flomo Bridge and I think this is why the traders come here, as when you stuck in traffic you will buy something just to pass the time of day.

 I’ve been to a few bars her, they seem to have a problem with ladies of the night, but they don’t bother you too much, honestly.


So my first week here, everybody said I would be shocked at the level of violence, while I haven’t seen any I can feel and undercurrent of it.  I haven’t seen dead bodies in the road like they said I would either, has this place got an undeserved reputation? answers on a postcard.


What you have to remember is that this is a 3rd world country, even with all it’s wealth. The rich here are supper rich and it appears that most of the wealth in this country is in the hands of 5% of the population.


I was in Lagos when the little British girl was kidnapped in Port Harbour, while I’m aware personal security is important and that family didn’t seem to do anything wrong. I’ve not experience anything that would cause me concern for my safety.

I have hired a driver as there is no way I could drive out here during the week the roads seem ok on a Sunday. I’m still getting lost trying to find places but it’s all good. Having a great time.  


fiest impressions after 1.5 weeks it's not as bad as what everybody said, the bars are good the beer is good, the only thing that I can see that is bad is the fact that food here is so expensive i pid £4.0 for a tin of baked beans that was concisdered cheap.


so i might have to go without food going shopping again on Moday with PM, he claims he knows some good shops that are cheaper, i'm hoping.



theo_paris says:
just joined travbuddy & read your blog. well said! grew up in Lagos, erratic yet loads of funny side to the town
Posted on: Feb 17, 2009
jnsimpex says:
hi joseph,

Good to here your blog, I have been dreaming to visit Nigeria for last 3 yrs, but never got any secured contact who can be there with me and take care of my security. I finally got one and i m going to Kano end of this month, i also want to go to Lagos...... I hope Nigeria is like all you said.

R u still there or planning to be there, do let me know if we can meet.
Posted on: Dec 11, 2008
oltrego says:
hey joseph, well glad to read that it's not as bad as it seems.. i'll be in lagos at the end of next month. will you still be there by then?
Posted on: Sep 26, 2007
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