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I dont update for a few days and I get a crazy amount of requests!
Sorry guys. I've been really busy going about town doing my primary research for my independent study. A few things I've done in the past few days:

1) A had a crazy adventure on a Friday night a few weeks ago because of a ridiculous friend I was trying to babysit (while she was drunk). It started up the hill by the Baha'i temple with a surfer. I left her in anger because a taxi wouldn't come and then I get picked up by a Samoan family. I stay at their house for the night and then walk back into town with one of the woman staying at the house. Just in time to get a phone call from my parents. There was more craziness involved and a few really good conversations. All in all it ended in me learning to never go out with this particular person again. (don't worry mom and dad...i'm safe and i was sober)

2) I had my first dance/art class at Momoe's gallery. I haven't done ballet in over 5 years so I was VERY VERY nervous about teaching a group of 6 girls the basics of ballet. All i could think about was my Russian ballet teacher from the summer I trained in Boston. However, my worrying was for nothing and I had a wonderful time. The children i think had an equally as wonderful time. I taught them how almost any type of dance move or movement in general can be changed into a ballet move. I taught them a few posistions and a few arms. We had a lot of fun just dancing to the classical music I have on my ipod.

3) I've finally gone to sliding rock! Sliding rock is about a 15minute walk from my campus and it is soo much fun! It is exaclty what it sounds like it is...rocks you can slide on. It reminded me of the kangamangus in New Hampshire. Lots of water, rocks and children all over the place.

4) I've also been interviewing everyone and their mom for my project. I've started my day at 7am everyday so far this week. I have an art opening at Momoe's to attend this evening, an interivew in about 1/2 hour and two more school visits this week. Its been crazy...but a lot of fun.

I come half way across the world to interview an artist who was born in Andover, MA!

What?! You heard right. She teaches summer classes at Philips Academy in Andover. That is about 15-20minutes away from house. I was at her house for over 2 hours this afternoon because of her awesomeness! Her house and family is a New England house/family that has grown-up in Samoa. The best of both worlds. It is incredible.

This was the most i've felt at home since I've left my own home in MA. She has art classes every Friday that i'm going to join now. AND she has an art opening on Saturday that i'm going to attend.

I am so happy right now. :)
Love, Sieni.
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