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blow holes.
I haven't really posted about Savai'i. I don't really know how to. Like so many of my experiencies my words would not be able to convey what I want to share with you. I am sending my parents a CD of pictures from American Samoa. Hopefully they can figure out a way to post pictures because there is no way I will be able to do that here with the slow internet connection and the amount of money it costs.


Yesterday was Fiji's Independence Day so there were a lot of festivities going on around campus. While I was talking to my parents on the phone in the SIT Office not 5 yards away they were roasting 3 pigs on a stick over a fire. There was also ava drinking, food eating and ball playing. I learned how to play netball and I have fallen in love with it as well. It is much easier than rugby and less intense. So i dont have to worry about 200 pound men crashing into me.

(Mom, if you were worried about me breaking my nose from a frisbee again...you should watch a game of touch rugby!)

Tomorrow I have a day full of interviews for my Independint Study. I'm excited to get started. And then we leave for American Samoa on Thursday morning. I keep hearing that American Samoa is overpriced, ugly and dirty. I think that it will be an eye opener and will really challenge us to think critically about the situation. It is a harsh reality that needs to be addressed. So while I'm not excited to go to American Samoa, I am anticipating what I may potentially learn while there.

I hope all is well at home.
Love, Sieni.
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blow holes.
blow holes.
photo by: bernard69