"it looks pretty dangerous"

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end of the world, literally.
Complete Conversation while standing on a cliff overlooking a larger waterhole/waterfall:

Pete: It looks pretty dangerous.
Colin: Yah, it does.
::colin jumps::

This past week was full of experiences that overwhelmed all of my sensories. Nothing was left untouched. New places, new sights, new sounds, new smells, new tastes. I don't have time to do a full report at the moment but I figured I could leave the cliffnotes of my cliffnote version of the week.

This week I saw the "international date line," walked on lava fields, ate papaya in beach fales, posed in pictures that you only see on postcards (but now I have), had classes with two professors who looked like and belonged on the cast of Gilligan's Island, had bores teeth put into my skin repetitively, played pool almost every night, sat on a ledge overlooking the Samoan rainforest, watched flying foxes from a tremendouns height, climbed a banyon tree and walked on a canopy walk, witnessed both a 7 year old Firedancer and the Samoan National Firedancer perform...

And so much more.
Tomorrow a full update will come.
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end of the world, literally.
end of the world, literally.
photo by: hudonnoodles