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rainy day blues (on campus)
I'm hopefully talking to my parents at noon (my time) today. This will be my first time talking to them on the phone since Hawai'i. However, thanks to the internet all connections have not been lost. :)

I finished writing my first research paper of the semester last night. However, I can't find anywhere to print it out. The computers in the library won't read my drive (because they're so old) and there are no technicians in the computer lab to allow me to print from the only other printer on campus. Paper writing and homeworking doing is an experience in itself. This was the first time I wrote a paper while in a room full of other computers and other people. I'm so used to doing my work on my laptop and having aim and a million other things distracting me from doing my work. But here I know the lab closes at 10pm and I need to finish whatever work I need to do by then. I finished my paper by 9:30pm.

I also had my last language exam this morning. I am now waiting for the final interview. Eeek! I'm nervous about the oral. But I should do fine. I've studied sufficiently and I have to keep reminding myself that of course I wont be fluent...I've only been studying Samoan for about four weeks now.

This afternoon we leave for Savai'i. We have two days off to relax in a beach fale. But then Monday-Friday we'll have classes, lectures and learning adventures. Hopefully the weather will be better in Savai'i because here in Upolu there has been nothing but RAIN! Or timu if you want to say it in Samoan. When they say its the rainy season here...it is the rainy season. They are not just light sprinkles, it is torrential down pour and then all of a sudden the sun will come out. Its pretty crazy.

Thank you everyone for the inspirational comments. I love you all and I will hopefully be able to e-mail a few of you individually when I get back. There is just so much to say and not enough time.

Love, Sieni.
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rainy day blues (on campus)
rainy day blues (on campus)
photo by: bernard69