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I'm in Suva now. We just spent three days and two nights in a village up in the mountains with no electricity and only two bathrooms for the whole community. As intense as that may sound...I was fully prepared for it and was not shocked by the standard of living. Everyone is happy and everyone has their role in the community. Once again everyone was welcoming and made us all feel right at home by over-feeding us and holding kava ceremonies every night.

We're in the city now. We're staying in apartments that have hot water. Can I tell you that my first shower this morning was absolutely incredible. First of all I hadn't showered in three days (because of the village stay) and second of all.
..it was my first HOT shower since I was in Ojai, CA.

I forgot how incredible hot showers were.

Anyways. I'm feeling kind of homesick. I'm not sure why. I like that I'm in a city-city again. Its a very very MINI version of NYC...or maybe even a mini-Providence. Either way...I'm in love with city life and its making me miss home (and my easy access to both Boston and NYC). Its kind of hard as well because most of the students on this trip prefer hiking and being "one with nature." And while I am truly amazed by awe-inspiring images of nature...I can't help but feel more of a connection with people, villages and cities. Its all a personal choice, but when I'm walking down the street of a foreign city with 4 other palagis and none of them really have street smarts (ie: they're talking about how much money is in their wallet), it can get fairly annoying.
But that can probably also be said about my tendency to not be the best "one with nature" person.

But back to the village. The village stay was nice, although short lived. There isn't much to do in the village because their base economy is through eco-tourism. So there are hikes to do-sunsets to watch- and waterfalls to see. But that is about it. There are no plantations to work on...only small gardens to see. There are no siva sivas because this is Fiji and they prefer to drink kava instead. HOWEVER! This is truly exciting. I rode a horse bare-back.

Kirisitina and I stayed in the village on Monday morning (instead of going on the wicked intsense hike) so we could do "village things." This included Kirisitina's host mother handing us a horse and telling us to ride it. So they gave us a horse, helped us to get on by giving us a stool and then shooed us away. No guide, no trail...just a horse, myself and kiristina. When I get back to USP in Samoa, my new icon for this journal will be a picture of me traveling on while on a horse. :)

How exciting.
frankcanfly says:
You've been places that I haven't even been close to!
Posted on: Jun 26, 2007
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