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Taxi Ride
I'm getting more and more nervous about coming home and coming home to Drew. Not so much coming home to my family - because they HAVE to love me. :) But mostly Drew. There are going to be a lot of people gone because of graduation and there are going to be a lot of changes because of time. I won't be a RA. I will have a roommate for the first time since Freshman year (yay Q!). I will not know a whole freshman class. And from e-mails...or non-returned e-mails...I have a sense that things have changed drastically.

Maybe this is just me being over-dramatic. I adapt fairly quickly. For goodness sakes...I have adapted to Samoan life, so how hard should it be to adapt back to my normal life at home? Right?


I'm just going to have to do something amazing now. Because after this trip if I dont step it up.
..my life will be awefully pale in comparison.

It is not down in any map; true places never are. ~Herman Melville

Good 'ole Herman Melville. Ain't it the truth.

Things I've learned in Samoa:

1. How to eat with my hands on the floor on a sitting mat.

2. How to live in a house without walls but still be constantly surrounded by babies, brothers & sisters, mothers & fathers and grandparents.

3. How to stack on the bus in order to make room for the newest person on the bus.

4. How to get the Samoan rate for the Taxi, rather than the palagi rip-off.

5. How to get a ride for free into town, just by trusting the goodness of humanity.

And more. I'll leave you with that.
I've been very nostalgic recently...as I am when anything begins to come to the end.
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Taxi Ride
Taxi Ride
photo by: bernard69