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traditional meal.
I've been very busy, but I've found that the library has three computers with internet in the morning and at night the SIT students have been able to get the key for the computer lab. That means a lab full of computers and only 3 or 4 palagis using them.

Since all the Fijians and other assorted islanders have left campus I have been mostly hanging out with Adriene (a Fijian Indian) and Ateca (a Fijian). Adriene has cooked for me on several occasions. He has even started to teach me how to cook amazingingly delicious Indian food. I told him that I may not be the best cook but that I would love to cook for him. So he asked me to cook an authentic American food.

What is an authentic American meal?

My favorite meals that I eat with my family are pasta and pizza.
Both Italian-American. I love when my parents make stir-fry but that is Asian. It would be impossible for me to make turkey and stuffing here because at the supermarket you can only purchase the tails of the turkey.

I ended up making something I knew how to make...and something I love. Pasta and meatballs! It may not be authentic to solely America...but as I told Adriene "America just steals meals from everyone else." He said "I guess there is a trend."

It ended up being an enjoyable evening. At the very end before I left he also told me that this is the first time anyone on the USP campus has ever cooked anything for him. And he has been here for over five years.

It was a pleasant evening. Unfortunately he leaves for Fiji on Saturday. Luckily Ateca is here until November 30th. She is also my new early morning walk partner. Samoa is quite beautiful (in a different way than normal) at 6am. Mainly the dogs are still asleep and you dont have to carry a fist-full of rocks.

I'm off to a SIT meeting and then another primary school for interviews and surveys.

Love, Sieni.
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traditional meal.
traditional meal.
photo by: bernard69