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Coconuts Beach Resort = MANIA!
(mania = Samoan for nice)

My mom told me to get myself a really nice souveneir to take home. I already have enough lavalavas to last myself a lifetime in the cold climate of Massachusetts and there is nothing else that I would want to take home from Samoa more than the memories, pictures and tatau I have. So...that one nice souveneir was replaced with an even nicer stay at a beautiful beach resort on the south side of the island. I spent two nights there and if i had the money and the time I would have spent the rest of the week there. Despite the gorgeous beach just a brief walk from our room...I spent most of my time lounging at the gecko shaped pool sipping on a Samoan Slipper. (mmmh) Basically, I treated myself to an air conditioned room, a hot shower daily, some delicious California delicacies (the chef used to own a restaurant in CA and then in Honolulu) and a crispy burn/tan. I went with two other girls on the trip and it was a great time!

Now it is just me and Danielle on campus. We are the only students left. So its kind of lonely...but the two of us have a lot of fun together and we're going to be very busy. I wasn't able to make it out to the village because of the steep price of the cab ride. However, my Samoan mother is coming to Apia on Sunday. I have two more rehearsals for the Nutcracker, a few visits to the gym, a dinner with Jackie our academic director and 2-hour chuch session at the HUGE mormon church in Apia.

My trip is seriously winding down. Its pretty intense to think that I arrived here 3months and a few days ago. I started this trip over 3months and a half ago if you count my stay in California with Elyse. I successfully sent no postcards, no letters (sorry guys) however I took MANY MANY pictures and I have so many stories stored in my head.

When I get back I'm going to be a bit tanner, a bit fatter (and by a bit...i mean maybe a little more than a bit - this Saoman food is really not mania), and a bit more traveled. I'm not going to try to bombard you with stories and if you ask how my stay was I will tell you "indescribable." But if you're truly interested I will more than gladly show you pictures, tell you tales that are unimaginable and share ava with you.

I'm excited to come home. I truly am. But i am really going to miss what I am leaving behind.
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photo by: bernard69