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looking at the view.
I arrived in Hawaii on Tuesday night around 8pm. I flew on a Delta flight with 6 other SIT students. We spent a lot of the flight talking and getting to know each other. The students participating are so unique and so passionate about what they want to do with their lives, that it is refreshing.

On the night that we arrived they quickly ushered us to our hostel right across the street from the University of Hawaii in Manoa. We ate a light snack and all quickly fell asleep. In the past week I have never slept so well in my life. All of the traveling and seeing new places has really made me exhausted and value the time I have at night to recuperate.

Early the next morning we left for our first formal classes.
no trees were harmed.
We had an introduction of the program and what we are to expect. We were given a few workbooks and our stipend for the week. We have to pay $150 when we get to Samoa for our VISA and workbooks and we were to receive $200 in HAwaii for food...so the exchange left us with $50. I really need to learn how to budget my money here. (dad will be so proud)

We started to learn how to speak Samoan. Luckily it is a 1:1 language. So what you see is how you pronounce it. I get wicked nervous in class when we have to recite words out loud. I keep getting me Es mixed up. I wil get it eventually. We are learning it in the same way the Peacecorp volunteers learn their languages for their trips. So i have a lot of confidence that I will be able to master the language.

We were set free at 3:30 and we all headed to Wakiki Beach. On the way I called my mom. It feels kind of weird that I can get phone service in Hawaii. I keep forgetting that we are still in the United States. We arrived at the beach and it looked plastic. I felt as though the whole thing was fake. The beach is right behind the Hilton Hotel of Hawaii. The water was clear the break was a good swim out and the mountain to the side of us looked like it was made out of paper-mache. However, I took a nice long swim with Ben and Cameron to the break. I think it was one of my longest swims ever. But it was refreshing.

At night a few of us went out to eat at an Indian Restaurant. We were trying to find an authentic Hawaiin restaurant...but I've decided that nothing is authentic anymore. The city here looks like any other city and you tend to forget that you are on an island.

After saying all of these negative things about the island...I really do love it here. The way of life, suprisingly, is at a slower pace. On Saturday we have an all day tour of the island with water drop off points. I'm really excited about that. I have not been able to go out surfing but I think a few of us will be going out today. They want me to teach them...can you believe it?! Me and Cameron are the only ones with experience...and both of us are terrible! Ha. This should be funny. (We even warned them)

One of the things I am most excited about for this trip are the 'drop-offs.' It sounds like Survivor challenges and it almost is. Jackie, our director, will be dropping us off at random locations (by ourselves) to find/do something and then we have to find our way back to the school or to the determined location. Unfortunately they aren't helicopter drop-offs...but still! They're dropping us off at CRAZY places to find our way back.

Friday is our first drop-off day. ITs a self-drop off day...so I'm dropping myself off at Chinatown. (Thank you Pete for making me LOOOOVE Chinatown).

Things are going really well and I'm happily adjusting. The people in the group are really great and I'm having a lot of fun with all of them. The girls are seriously the best I could ask for. We all have a bit of girly in us...but we all aren't about to complain about not having hair-blowers. Its a good mix..and we're all on the same level-ish.

I will leave you with this bit of Samoan...The meaning of this word will come in my next entry!

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looking at the view.
looking at the view.
no trees were harmed.
no trees were harmed.
photo by: crystalware