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I had a nice day with Jori and Zach. It consisted of pancakes in the morning, a long walk to the grocery store, a bit of internet and some pineapple. Now that Adriene has left for Fiji...it is just the SIT kids and Ateca living on campus. Livai (previously spelled Levi) is still around but he lives off campus. His father was in jail because of the coup in Fiji, but he was released today. So there was a little bit of ava celebrating. However, I dont know if it something I should celebrate. The last coup in Fiji (and the previous coup) are very interesting and are definitely not black and white. There are a lot of race issues involved.

Anyways. Yesterday consisted of ballet in the morning, art opening in the afternoon and ice cream and a movie in the evening. I also found out that Harry Potter is apparently opening either tomorrow or Thursday here in the single theater that exists in Samoa. So that really means...Harry Potter will probably come out in a month or two. I am not getting my hopes up. That is one thing I have learned here. Everything is always postponed, delayed temporarily or doesn't happen. But either way...I am going to see Harry Potter back in the states in an IMAX theater if possible. Who is with me?

Ballet is going excellent. I taught the girls two routines. The secound half of the Nutcracker is all set and they know it. Now I have to teach them the first half of the Nutcracker. Which will be more difficult for me because it involves more drama than dance. Oh well. Hopefully it will work. This is beginning to be more work that I had originally expected. The extra week that i'm staying in Samoa was originally for exploring more of the island. However, now I will be using it to design and paint props and scenery. That is kind of annoying, but HEY i'm the expert on ballet in Samoa. (insert awkward laugh here)

Jori, Zach and I made Chile con Carne burritos this evening for dinner. I am stuffed. Not taro and breadfruit stuffed...but good wholesome American stuffed (like the pasta stuffed). I am soooo looking forward to Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday! And I'm looking forward to Christmas at home even more.
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photo by: bernard69