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Wow. Can we say amazing weather? (This is making me look forward to summer on the shore even more now!!)

Yesterday morning we had class. Class is kind of boring...its two hours on the economics and politics of Chile before Pinochet. While the information Eduardo is teaching us is interesting...it is kind of hard to sit still in a class when you know you´re in the beatiful country of Chile. Oh...and by the way...our classes are in the house of PABLO NERUDA! Seriously, who does that? We also had a tour of his house and his house is by far the most inspirational house I have ever seen. He has art work from all of the world and archietcture that would blow your mind. Its no wonder he was able to win Nobel Prize winning awards...with a house like that I would too!! (lets not kid yourself jen)

After class I had THE craziest bus ride back to Vina Del Mar. Think of the scariest roller coaster you have ever been on (without the loopty-loops) and now think of that roller coaster without tracks, intersections, and people crossing the street. That was my bus ride back down the windy downhills of Valaparisa. However, I survived.

To reward myself from surviving such a crazy bus ride Shannon and I headed to the beach with Eileen. Yes, I went swimming in the Pacific Oceans. It was crowded like whoa...but it was so nice to lay in the sun for about an hour and then cool off in the Maine-like water of the Pacific. Muy bueno!! And plus...young Chilean men are sooo dreamy!

Then it was back to Valaparisa. (I believe i´m spelling that wrong as well). Anyways...we listened to the testimony of a man who was tortured during the Pinochet Regime. Wow. Emotional. It was the first time the events really came to life and I realized that this affected people in such a horrible way and it is still affecting him today. These people who were tortured still see their torturers walking the streets, buying groceries with their families.

That night it was back to the bar across the street with a group of GRINGOS! woot woot. We´re making shirts that say Gringo University when we get back to school. Ah...I could stay here for much longer. Now I´m getting my hair done and I have one more lecture for the day. Then tonight it is to the Casino.

Tomorrow we will be having class in Isla Negra. So much is planned for us!

I miss you all and I wish you were all here sharing this experience with me! Much love.
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Vina del Mar
photo by: JenBUK