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So I´m finally here.
Really. I am.
(I keep pinching myself in order to wake myself up from this dream).

I had a 10pm flight out of JFK that didn´t take off until 10.30 or so.
I slept for most of the flight. Except I was awake when we flew over Cuba. The lights were gorgeous. Luckily I had a window seat next to my Spanish professor, so I could actually enjoy the view and work on my spanish.

I feel like while I am writing this I am going all over the place. Even though I´ve only been here for about 24hours I have already done so much.

Once we arrived in Santiago we took a 1.5hour bus ride to Vino del Mar. We were dropped off at the casino and picked up by our host mothers. My mother´s name is Erika. She is muy adorable!!! She speaks spanish and english and that is how most of our conversations go. We altnerate from spanish to english in the middle of sentences. She also feeds us sooo much. Once we got to the house we had a three course meal ready for us with fresh fruit (of course peeled), chicken with rice, and eggs & papaya.

This morning before we had our tour of Valperise and Vino del Mar Shannon (my roommate) and I walked around the Casino area. The night before Erika showed us around in her car. So in the morning Shannon and I dipped our feet in the Pacific Ocean, purchased our first Chilean iteam (agua sin gas), and had our fist series of catcalls, whistles, and ¨muy linda¨ shouted at us. As Sam would say, ¨at least they´re calling you pretty and not throwing rocks at you.¨

The walking and bus tour was gorgeous. Even the poorer sections were incredible and very uplifting with the murals. We visited TAC which is a community center for the children in the area. It is volunteer run and I want to visit it again. The children were so cute.

The weather is really warm here and we´re going to head to the beach soon. OH! I forget..DAD this is for you...we also had a boat tour of the harbor. You would have enjoyed it - i was thinking of you. And Mom - you would have loved some of the side streets - very Swedenesque. And Jess - I already bought you your first gift. :)

For everyone else reading this...thank you for taking the time. I really wish I could post picture along with this because the view is part of the whole experience. I am just so grateful to be here...
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Vina del Mar
photo by: JenBUK