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Boxing Day walk with Mike, Thomas, Annabel & Philip
This is an attempt to catch up on my blog before I get home to Australia (it's actually almost the end of January as I write this!)

Just before Christmas we had our class Christmas party (Julebord) which was great fun. It was freezing that night, so we arrived with thermals, coats and boots on over our dresses - very classy! It was held at an old mill, and the waterfall that was next to it was actually frozen that night. So we had a great night of eating, talking and dancing. Unfortunately for us it was a late night too, and as we were leaving at 7.15am the next day to go on holidays, we only had a few hours of sleep!

So then it was off to Germany for a few days. We (me, Hannah & Georgie) flew to Berlin, then got the train to Gottingen where we met up with our friend Gesa who had also been studying in Oslo. We stayed with her friends in Gottingen for one night and then with her parents another night. It was lovely seeing Gesa and Gottingen was a great little city, especially with the Christmas market, but unfortunately we spent a lot of time waiting around - firstly for a few hours on the autobahn on the way to her parents place, then that night we waited at the airport for another of Gesa's friends from 11pm til about 3am!! So after a much-needed sleep in we raced into town and just caught our train back to Berlin. We were met there by another friend Sabine (also studying with us). She took us to the huge Berlin Christmas market (more gluhwein!), then we went out for dinner at a nice Thai place. (It was so nice being able to afford to go out for dinner!) We stayed with Sabine in her lovely apartment, and the next morning had a fabulous breakfast. Then we dumped our bags at the main station (no more lockers though - they are now stored after being scanned through a security scanner like at the airport!) then explored Berlin for the day. Later that night we flew to East Midlands airport in England.

My uncle Philip picked us up and we got back to Houghton on the Hill at about 1am on Christmas eve. We had a lovely time staying with Philip & Anne - Hannah & Georgie went back to Oslo on Boxing Day but I stayed until the 4th January. Philip had arranged for me to be able to drive one of their cars, so we did lots of driving trips together to places like Stamford and Cambridge (where I was able to catch up with my friend Christine from South Africa, who was also in England over Christmas). Christmas Day was lovely - had a good talk to everyone back home, lots of food of course, and some nice presents. Mum & Dad sent me a huge goody box from Australia so I was able to share Tim Tams and Natural Confectionary lollies with all and sundry! I also spent lots of time in England (including New Years) with my cousin Mike, his wife Lou and their kids Thomas & Annabel, who live in the same village as Philip & Anne. Annabel was only 8 weeks and very cute! In return for babysitting help, they were very kind to me and I got lots of drinks and meals from them! Still more cousins were visited - another first cousin once removed Nat had recently moved to Leeds with her husband Dave and their 2 kids Jacob & Pepper (Rebecca). I stole the car from Philip and drove up there to spend a night with them which was lovely, especially as I hadn't met the kids before. As you can see, my couple of weeks of quiet holiday were not so quiet and I didn't get as much study done as I'd planned (although I was still pretty good) It's just plain mean putting exams after Christmas!

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Boxing Day walk with Mike, Thomas,…
Boxing Day walk with Mike, Thomas…
Houghton on the Hill
photo by: dr_rett