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ANDREI - A 9AM kick-off for England´s first game in World Cup 2006 and my hopes were high, as are everyone´s back at home.  I can imagine the streets decorated with Crosses of St George and everybody being in utterly optimisitc moods, with the sun finally showing its face - that´s something I´m really missing on this trip.  On the bright side, we´ve ended up communing with fellow Brits on the way in the midst of the South Americans supporting their own teams.

Anyways, I plonked myself in front of the TV in good time, witht he rest of the hostel still sleeping.  I was somewhat surprised that my hangover had not kicked in from the rather large night with the Villarica ascendors - as it turned out, it was merely delayed until after the game!  I was joined by two fellow Villarica climbers = a Scot (Gordon) and an Irishman (Mark) - both Paraguayan-sympathisers!  All good banter, though..

The match turned out to be pretty damn rubbish and my nerves were mercifully eased thanks to the Paraguayan forehead of Gamarra glancing home Beckham´s free kick in the 2nd minute.  Paraguay didn´t look too competent, but neither were we from then on.  The greasy referee also left a lot to be desired with some of his decisions - he looked a bit overwaed by the occasion.

With the match finished, the headache and tiredness set in, thankfully in time for the bus journey South-West to Valdivia - a port near the coast of Chile.  I get the feeling this WC campaign will be the same as usual for us - on paper the team is damn good, but we just can´t play well together every match.  The other fear is Coach Eriksson´s questionable tactical decisions during mathces.

I live in hope.
travelman727 says:
England's still looking good. Keep on hoping. I live in the US and we keep on moping!
Posted on: Jun 17, 2006
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