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KERRY- Today we sampled the Ecuadorian buses as we headed off to the Market town of Otavalo. We caught  a taxi to th bus station - a very nice man called Mauro took us into town, after having an argument with the first taxi driver we bartered with, for overcharging us. He was our own personal tour guide for the ride, luckily Nicola was able to translatefor us!!

The bus ride was pretty painless, althugh we realised that we were paying the gringo prices at 2 dollars each rather than 1 for the locals! But a 2 hour ride for 1.20 is not to be sniffed at

We arrived at the market and Nicola and I had great fun wondering around looking at all the handicrafts and bartering for goods. There were so many nice things, it was heard to restrain myself! I did buy a cool wooly hat though and also a Poncho for Matthew, mde from Alpaca.

We stopped for a spot of lunch in  local Empanada (pasty) shop, and then treated ourselves to some lovely fruit pie at a cafe that had been recommended to us! Very cheap and huge portions. After that we decided to head off to the local museum to see how the process of weaving in Ecuador has evolved over the generations. It was in an old ladies house and was really interesting. Nicola again was our translator. The lady took great pride in explaining the weaving process to us, with some little diversions as well relating to the religious and political situation in Ecuador and how it has changed over the years. We have found the Ecuadorian people to be a very friendly race, and very proud of their heritage as was proved again with this visit to the museum.

It was then time to catch the bus back to Quito. Rather than waiting at a particular bus stop, we walked back to the bus station and listened out for the cries from the bus conductors to the place we needed to go to. This is the common way to catch buses in South America, and even at ticket booths you will hear so many destinations being called - it is pretty amusing to see who shouts the loudest and gets the most passangers.

On the bus ride home we were treated to a film - The Transporter - a rather dodgy DVD copy. I was not really interested in wathcing it, but Andrei seemed to be engrossed. Then an unfortunate incident happened to a girl a fews rows behind us, as she realised that her camera had been stolen. But they had not taken her bag with the camera in, rather had sneakily removd it while she was not looking. An hard lesson to learn, but one that we have taken on board! We got chatting to her and the guy she was travelling with. She was called Liron and is from Israel and Steve is from Ireland. They were staying in the hostel around the corner from us, so we shared a taxi back and then went out for dinner with them . Steve and Andrei ordered to biggest burgers in the world ever!! It was pretty funny watching them try and out-do one another and finish their plates!



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photo by: Ils1976