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Inca Trail (Day 3): The view fromt he 2nd pass into the valley.
KERRY - Well what can i say apart from WE DID IT!! there is a huge sense of acheivement once you have completed the 4 day Inca Trail Trek and the sight of Machu Piccu at the end of it, as corney as it may sound, is amazing and makes it all worth while! If i had known how hard it was going to be before hand, i may well not have done it, but i am so glad that i did. 4 days of walking uphill and down and no showers does get the better of you after a while, but we struggled on  (some more than others!) and made it in the end. I met my friend Kathrine from school on the trail. She was there with her Husband Graeme on a holiday in Peru, and it was so nice to see them. Gave me a real boost on day 2. We caught up with them numerous times along the trail and got some good photos with them at Machu Piccu.
Inca Trail (Day 3): MAeve, Lindsay and Charlie with the clouds encroaching.

Day 1 - 11km. We started the trek at km 82 after getting the all important stamp in our passport! the walk started off fine it was mainly flat ground, with a some hills later on. I started off ok, but the weather was very hot and it eventually took its toll, so that by the time we reached camp I was so tired and extremely hungry!! We had lunch (the food on the trek was really good, when you considered the little amenities that were available to our porters) and then i had a rest. The boys meanwhile found the energy to play a game of footie with our porters!!

Day 2 - 9km. We were warned about today, that it was the killer, and it lived up to its expectation! We walked for 7 km uphill and it was tough going! By the time we got to the  first rest point at 10am i was so tired.
Inca Trail (Day 3): Maeve, me, Kerry, Brooke, Josh and John tske a little break.
i made the mistake of commenting to Andrei early on that the steps were not as bad as i thought, and i instantly regretted making this comment! The second hill section after the first was even worse and i really didn´t think i was going to make it to the top! But i did. A quick rest and catch of breath and then it was down hill for 2km. Thank god we were going down at last, but this required concentration as well so as not to miss a step and fall over. once we got to the camp we were very relieved and a well earned rest was had by all

Day 3- 16km. For me this day was the worst. I was so tired, dying for a shower and just sick of walking and the early starts! we left camp at 6am this day and didn´t reach camp until about 5! A long day. The route was mainly flat and downhill after the first initial uphill section, but that still didn´t cheer me up! We stopped for an early lunch at 11.30 and then had to carry on. Plus it was raining which was not good. The hightlight of the day was the stop at the Inca ruins of  Winay Wayna. The ruins were really well preserved and set in a beautiful location. After that we headed downhill all the way to get to camp. Andrei found this section the hardest as his knees were killing him, but we made it in the end and then he had the energy to play a footie match again! There were showers at this camp, but as much as i was desperate for one i couldn´t face a cold one, Andrei did however and said it felt great, once you got past the cold!

Day 4 - 6km. We were up at 3.30am today -yes that is correct, 3.30!! We had to leave early to get the 1st bus up to Machu Piccu so that we could enjoy it at its quietest. As there was a landslide we were not able to walk the normal route and enter the site at the sun gate. So instead we had to walk along the railway lines for an hour in the dark, and then arrive at Machu Piccu town to get the bus! It was not an experience i want to repeat in a hurry, but we survived. We got to Machu Piccu at arround 6.30am. True the site was pretty quiet but it was also covered in fog so we could not see the great scenery taht we had been promised! we were of course quiet upset by this. JC our guide, showed us around the ancient Inca city for about an hour or so and then we were left to explore on our own. Most of us headed up to the sun gate to wait for the mist to rise. And it did at about 11am and the view was stunning! We took the classic shots and then at about 12pm left , just as the Japanese and American toursists were arriving in their hoards. We had lunch in Machu Piccu town and then headed for the hot springs to rest our aching muscles, and that was a great feeling! Then at around 3pm we caught the train back to Ollantaytambo and then a bus back to our hotel in Cusco. After much needed showers and changes of clothes we treated ourselves to a steak dinner and then collapsed in bed!

A great experience that i would thouroughly recommend....even though reading this you may not think i enjoyed it at all!


X_Drive says:
Thank you for taking this journey and sharing it with us. The photos are just plain amazing!
Posted on: Jun 11, 2006
FaveSis says:
You're in my old neighbourhood!!! Hope you are enjoying yourselves as much as I did.

Love Ya!
Posted on: May 10, 2006
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Inca Trail (Day 3): The view fromt…
Inca Trail (Day 3): The view from…
Inca Trail (Day 3): MAeve, Lindsay…
Inca Trail (Day 3): MAeve, Lindsa…
Inca Trail (Day 3): Maeve, me, Ker…
Inca Trail (Day 3): Maeve, me, Ke…
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