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Today has been rather challenging! By the time I reached Hyannis (where the ferry to Nantucket goes from) my feet were already hurting from carrying the pack with unbroken in shoes. Ferry ride to Nantucket is 2 hours and 15 minutes, which was pretty boring. I had the worst coffee cake I've ever tasted (I'm not sure I would have known it was coffee if they hadn't told me!) Yuck.

Arrive in Nantucket, seems very nice, busy and I realise I have no idea how to get to the hostel! I popped in to a little shop to ask and they told me the bus could take me a little way, then I had to walk 2 miles...i mean are you joking, with a pbackpack and blisters...this did not put me in my happy place! So I get the bus, I get off seemingly in the middle of know where faced with a road as long as the eye can see. I start walking and soon decide to take off the birkenstocks, which provided some relief. I have to admit I was feeling pretty sorry for myself when a lady pulled over and offered me a ride to the hostel, she looked ok and by the point it seemed like a miracle. It turns out she was a teacher on the island so I got some good local knowledge from chatting with her. Even better she said she was heading back to town so I could catch a ride to pick up a (very much needed) bicycle and some supplies for dinner.

I got a bike with a basket...all very quaint i know...the island was like Olde England though. Then headed back to hostel, testing out by riding and map reading skills...both surprisingly successful.

Back at the hostel, I find out a whole bunch of Girl Scouts were also staying there...great kids, this I thought was not going to be fun. To my relief I soon met 3 Irish guys, who seemed nice .

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photo by: Alex587