Day 7- Birthday Celebrations @ Chico's!

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- Myself, and my hosts Kat and Mike - on her birthday. Don't we all look in fantastic form!

The 17th saw the 22nd birthday of Kat - the girl I had come all this way to see.  Once again though, I was so disgracefully wasted that I still had large gaps in my memory of the evening.  I know we had a fantastic night a Chico's; I can say with all honestly I have never been anywhere else in the world and received the kind of treatment from others as I did in QT- In a good way I mean!!  Every single one of her companions or friends welcomed us with open arms, refused to let us pay for any drinks and demanded that we have a bloody fantastic night.  I do remeber being trapped by two Kiwi guys, two of Kats friends and being forced to neck a flaming black sambuca ( I was trying to get away as I dont like aniceed - so why wud I do sambuca's?  This concept either way was wasted on these nutters!)   The only other thing that stands strongly in my memory is that bloody awfall DJ in Chicos, which I believe was so bad, we eventually made the choice to move on to another bar. 

There are numerous drinking holes in QT - two of the most famous being Altitude and The World Bar.  Both these places are the definative commerical 'club'.  You are gareenteed to find these in every city of the world, the ones that play the 'right' music.  You know what I mean, the ones that pump out the classics - Faithless - Insomnia, Summer of 69, Cafe Del Mar- all hands in the air, im feelings happy and inspired kinda music.  They always seem to have a iconic drink too, like Malia's Fishbowls....well QT has Teapots.  Despite these Clubs ticking an adundance of boxes, I insist that you check out the other bars in town, as those are the ones with the real charm, the real ambiance and character....and most importantly, the Kiwis that make their country such a welcoming warm place.

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- Myself, and my hosts Kat and Mik…
- Myself, and my hosts Kat and Mi…
photo by: genetravelling