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Brussels, Grote Markt (Big Market)

My start at Amsterdam Central was horrible!!! Well, actually I started at Alkmaar but that doesn't count really. The international train from Amsterdam too Brussels didn't go. So we, most of my peers and even two teachers, had to wait for an entire hour at a freezing and wet train station. Yes it was raining all morning!.

So the train takes over 2 hours to go from Amsterdam to Brussels. We went through Rotterdam, Schiedam, Roosendaal and Antwerp.

While arriving at Brussels, why is it raining here too :looking desperate:,  we had to walk to our first museum of the day, The Belgian Comic Strip Center located near the old city center. Okay, this was making matters even worse since we had to take our luggage our selves.

The museum is nice, housed in a 1930 art nouveau building. Most of the characters are well known, like the Smurfs, Tintin and Spike & Suzy (French: Bob et Bobette, Dutch: Suske en Wiske) and many other characters.

Brussels, Grote Markt (Big Market). City Hall, if I'm not mistaken.
But all of the characters are from Belgium, so Garfield is not to be found here.

At the end we had to take our luggage out of a container, my class mates where here beform me and they weren't carfull with taking out their bags. So my bag opende a bit and I lost my injection needles. I nearly lost my mind and more, I got scared as hell because I didn't know where to get new needles before the evening. Luckely my teachers and some classmates kept cool, some of them took me into the city center to find a pharmacy there.  Did you know there are many, many pharmacies in Brussels? So I could get new needles at one of them.

But being in Brussels means you'll have to visit more then just one museum, and a pharmacist. So we went for two other museums. First was the Fine Arts Museum (Ancient arts) in a beautifull building. Most of the pieces of art were made between the 14th and 17th century. Some of them later on, like one painting made  by David, called The Death of Marat.

An elevator in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.
This painting is like world famous, but allmost nobody will visit this museum for this, or any other, particular painting. So maybe there should be more attention for this museum, this painting is as important as the Sunflowers of Van Gogh, the Nightwatch of Rembrandt and many paintings of Gaudi!

Because this museum is like in the same street at the Fine Arts Museum Modern Art we mixed our visits... in our own time. So we didn't visit it officially and completely. But our teacher liked our proposal to see it at least partly (most of it was the shop :D).

Later on we went to Ghent, by train, again.

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Brussels, Grote Markt (Big Market)
Brussels, Grote Markt (Big Market)
Brussels, Grote Markt (Big Market)…
Brussels, Grote Markt (Big Market…
An elevator in the Royal Museums o…
An elevator in the Royal Museums …
Death of Marat by David. When was …
Death of Marat by David. When was…
Death of Marat by David. Very impo…
Death of Marat by David. Very imp…
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