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Woo! Today we went to Pompeii. Yes. My latin teacher from high school would be proud of me, since that's most of what we talked about in that class. We had a tour with a professor from the University of Virginia who leads a summer graduate studies program there every summer. It was really cool, and I love that archeologists and historians and Latin teachers get really excited about places like that, like us artists do with art. It was cool to se what it;s so important historically and not feel like an average tourist. I love having "insider information" about anything. Our guide explained to us how the ash from the volcano wasn't actually like lava, but something called pyrocastic flow and that's why things were so well preserved. He also showed us a spot where the allied forces (including the USA) bombed Pompeii in WWII because they confused it with nearby Pompeii city, which actually has residents and might be worth bombing in strategic warfare. After our tour we got some lunch and walked around some more and drew in our sketchbooks a little bit before a small group of us decided to leave and take the train back to Sorrento.

Oh man! Last night (the 4th of July), Italy beat Germany in the semi-finals. It was one of the most exciting things I've participated in here by far. We went to a piazza San Angello to watch the game on a big screen with hundreds of other people. It was so emotional. The game lasted into overtime until the Italians scored with 2 minutes left. Then they scored again! Before they scored everyone was so nervous and pacing around and making large hand gestures at the screen and cursing in Italian. Oh buddy, it was great. The final is on Sunday night. We are going to skip dinner and get there early and claim our chairs when they set them up. I can't wait! VIVA ITALIA!!

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photo by: Grpablo