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Hello everyone, ive finally arrived in Geneva after a long flight from Detroit to Frankfurt and then Frankfurt to here. Its already been a crazy experience navigating through the airports and checkpoints and buying train tickets and what not. But im here in one piece and im happy. i havent quite figured out how to use the keyboards here which is why there is no punctuation or anything. its taking forevvvver to type this so we will see how this goes....

so everyone here seems really cool for the most part but its hard to tell since ive only been here a few hours. the hostels are kindof awesome but it reminds me of community dorm living a litte bit haha. luckilly our room is all girls yay. Geneva is cool because everything is in French and I actually remember quite a bit of what i learned over the years in school. But of course i havent had to struggle too hard yet because everyone here speaks english as well. i must say it is convienent and i will have to get used to it when its not like that everywhere. anyways im not too jetlagged THANK GOD because i took cat naps on the plane and then me and a bunch of girls slept for 2 hours after we got here. after that we all went out for margherita pizza which is pretty much amazing everywhere in europe apparently. i decided against drinking tonight because im still tired and dehydrated and we^re getting up early tomorrow. Plus i have the whole month to have fun with drankin! there!!! i figured out how to use the exclamation point! haaaa ok well tomorrow we are going to have another orientation and introduction to our classes and then the plan is to go shopping and picnicking by Lake Geneva. I dont wanna be too antisocial so i am gonna go but i will keep updating all of you who are reading this. I miss everyone already and will be in touch!

muah^^ciao!      *Lauren

dobey says:
Hey Honey,
We were so relieved to get a call from Noah this morning saying that you had made it to Geneva. Thank you too for leaving the phone message at the house tonight and doing your blog already. It's so nice to know you're happy and safe and with a nice group. Now you know why we like pizza marquarita so much. It's really great in Italy too. So excited for you. Have a ball.
Posted on: Jun 28, 2007
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