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So we've arrived safe and sound in London after a "quick" 9 hour flight on the death machine- I mean plane. Is it really natural to be going 900 km/hr 40 000 ft in the air in a tube of metal? Some people *cough* Janelle *cough* fly something like 20-30 times a year and so have become immune to the hurtling-through-air-idea. Some people fall asleep as soon as they board and pass out right through the take-off and leave other people twiddling their thumbs and wondering whether that noise was the wheels going up or the wheels falling off. To add to this, pre-flight, the man sitting directly behind me said to the flight attendent what no nearby passenger in a closed space wants to hear: "um... I have a problem with vomiting. What do I do if I vomit?".

But it wasn't all bad, we did watch a movie called Duma about a cheetah (MOM CAN I HAVE A CHEETAH???).

After getting to my brother, Tynan's apartment, (yes mom, he got a haircut. yes mom, his apartment is nice and clean) we headed into central London to try and catch Janelle's stepmom before she left town. After seeing her fancy-schmancy-Sultan-of-Brunei-owned hotel, we felt a little out of place with our backpacks, sandals, and the classic post-flight glows (ie. sweaty and exhausted) so we went out to discover the many opportunities in Hyde park.

We chose the opportunity to lose our way in London's largest open space, get caught in a short rainstorm, walk an extra half hour to the wrong tube station, and find our way again, with only the airplane's questionable breakfast sandwich in our bellies.

Things I've learned so far:
1. Look right when crossing the street.
2. Pedestrians do not have the right of way.
3. The tube during rush hour is like sitting in an armpit.
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photo by: ulysses